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Exploration of waterlogging regulation path in the cities on the Loess Tableland in Northwest China based on the concept of Sponge City: a case study of Qingyang City in Gansu Province, a pilot city of National Sponge Cities

Agriculture, the Environment, and Social Complexity From the Early to Late Yangshao Periods (5000–3000 BC): Insights From Macro-Botanical Remains in North-Central China

A new method to prevent seepage erosion of loess slope toe using the combination of filter pipe and siphon drainage

Changes in Deep Soil Water Content in the Process of Large-Scale Apple Tree Planting on the Loess Tableland of China

Terrain relief periods of loess landforms based on terrain profiles of the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi Province, China

Land cover change and eco-environmental quality response of different geomorphic units on the Chinese Loess Plateau

Combined gully profiles for expressing surface morphology and evolution of gully landforms

[Relationship between soil moisture dynamics, crop growth and precipitation in rain-fed area of the Loess Tableland, China].

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Loess Tableland 황토 평원

Loess Tableland 황토 평원
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