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Correlation between basal metabolic rate, visceral fat and insulin resistance among type 2 diabetes mellitus with peripheral neuropathy.

Quality of Life Among Individuals with Special Needs Working in Unorganised Sector

Intraperitoneal and local ozone applications in veterinary oncology treatment [abstract]

Effect of Community Based Rehabilitation on the Quality of Life of People with Locomotor Disabilities in Vadakkupalayam Village of Cuddalore District

The Prevalence Pattern of Locomotor Disability and its Impact on Mobility, Self-Care, and Interpersonal Skills in Rural Areas of Jodhpur District

Safety and efficacy of a new micronized formulation of the ALIAmide palmitoylglucosamine in preclinical models of inflammation and osteoarthritis pain

Profile of childhood disability in rural Bengal

Access to Social Organisations, Utilisation of Civil Facilities and Participation in Empowerment Groups by People with Disabilities in Amravati district, Maharashtra

Therapeutic effects of rehabilitation training methods on spinal cord injury: a meta-analysis

Prosthetic Rehabilitation in the Lower Limb

Nutrition and exercise in Pompe disease.

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Locomotor Disability 운동 장애

Locomotor Disability 운동 장애
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