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Discharge report for the community pharmacist: Development and validation of a prototype.

The Promise of Local Environmental Health Initiatives

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Examining urban metabolism: A material flow perspective on cities and their sustainability

Introducing Arrival City Game for Neighborhood Diversity

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Influenza vaccine uptake and attitudes of healthcare workers in Ireland.

Changes in habitat selection patterns of the gray partridge Perdix perdix in relation to agricultural landscape dynamics over the past two decades

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The Potential Role of Short Food Supply Chains in Strengthening Periurban Agriculture in Spain: The Cases of Madrid and Barcelona

Acceso abierto a la producción científica de Uruguay: poca historia en 10 años (2009-2018)

Assessing the Potential of Digital Collaborative Sharing Platforms in Fostering Neighbourhood Participation Through Volunteerism

Local lens for SDG implementation: lessons from bottom-up approaches in Africa

Drivers and barriers of adaptation initiatives - How societal transformation affects natural hazard management and risk mitigation in Europe.

Entrepreneurial Culture and Social Assets: A combining Capital for Innovative Village Development at Local Community in Indonesia

Feasibility Trial Evaluation of a Peer Volunteering Active Aging Intervention: ACE (Active, Connected, Engaged)

Autonomous Solidarity: Hotel City Plaza

Continuing professional development: policies, practices and future directions

Finding the Way Without a Road MAP

INOVASI DESA Studi Proses Implementasi Program Inovasi Desa di Kabupaten Mempawah

The role of radiological protection experts in stakeholder involvement in the recovery phase of post-nuclear accident situations: Some lessons from the Fukushima-Daïchi NPP accident

Introducing the Global Educational Learning Observatory (GELO) and the Global Readiness Explorer (GREx): A framework and dashboard to investigate tech competence and culture

The management of cultural heritage and landscape in inner areas

Designing integrated primary care in Toronto Canada

Personalized Action Plan in Andalusia: supporting the Chrodis-Plus integrated care model for multimorbidity

Tito and his comrades

Paisaje e imaginarios en la percepción del turista en Andalucía

Smart City Ecosystem Using Blockchain Technology

Effect of the Bolsa Familia Programme on tuberculosis treatment outcomes.

Eighth Annual Conference of inVIVO Planetary Health: From Challenges to Opportunities

A participatory approach to peacebuilding evaluation in Seke district, Zimbabwe

The Ideologue as Genocidaire: Alfred Rosenberg and the Murder of the Jews in the Soviet Union

Development of the collaborative economy in Ecuador

The impacts of decentralization on health system equity, efficiency and resilience: a realist synthesis of the evidence

Emerging Forms of Hyperlocal Media

Bending the arc of the staples trap: Negotiating rural resource revenues in an age of policy incoherence

Can a simple ‘cost-awareness’ campaign for laparoscopic hysterectomy change the use and costs of disposable surgical supplies? Pre–post non-controlled study

The power of localism during the long-term disaster recovery process

Regional integrated care in Finland: a case study on two counties with comprehensive integration of primary and specialised health care and social services

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Local Initiative 지역 이니셔티브

Local Initiative 지역 이니셔티브
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