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Effects of Freeze and Cyclic Load on Impact Resistance of Filling Layer Self-Compacting Concrete (FLSCC)

Effects of freeze and cyclic flexural load on mechanical evolution of filling layer self-compacting concrete

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Carbonation resistance study and inhomogeneity evolution of recycled aggregate concretes under loading effects

Dynamic Viscosity Standard of High Viscosity Modified Asphalt Considering Temperature and Load Coupling Effect

Load Coupling sentence examples within load coupling action

Performance evaluation of asphalt mixture exposed to dynamic water and chlorine salt erosion

Effects of Freeze and Cyclic Load on Impact Resistance of Filling Layer Self-Compacting Concrete (FLSCC)

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Load Coupling sentence examples within load coupling technique

Reconfigurable Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using Stub-Loaded Stepped-Impedance Resonators

Quad-mode dual-band bandpass filter based on a stub-loaded circular resonator

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Influence of Load Interaction between Creep and TMF on the Life of Single Crystal Nickel-based Superalloy

Study The Behavior of Pile Group Under Torsional and Horizontal Load

Miniaturized Shielded Dual-band SIW Filter Based on Novel Slotlines with High Selectivity and Controllable Transmission Zeros

Inverse Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem Framework for the Synthesis of Coupled-Resonator Filters With Non-Resonant Nodes and Arbitrary Frequency-Variant Couplings

A Reconfigurable Balanced Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Constant Absolute Bandwidth and High Selectivity

A BPF Integrated SP4T Switch Using Parallel Switched Fractal Common Feeding Line

X-Band Quasi-Reflectionless MMIC Bandpass Filters With Minimum Number of Components

Compact Surface-Mount Shielded and Multilayer Dual-Band Filter

Design of Dual-Band Band-Pass Filters with Compact Resonators and Modern Feeding Structure for Wireless Communication Applications

A Balanced Quad-Band BPF With Independently Controllable Frequencies and High Selectivity

A 0.97–1.53-GHz Tunable Four-Pole Bandpass Filter With Four Transmission Zeroes

Design of compact tri-band bandpass filter using stub-loaded quarter-wavelength SIRs

Dual-Mode Microstrip Patch Bandpass Filters With Generalized Frequency Responses

High-Selectivity Tunable Filters With Dual-Mode SIW Resonators in an L-Shaped Coupling Scheme

Design of High Selectivity Filtering Power Divider with High Out-of-Band Rejection

Two- and Four-Pole Multilayer SIW Filter with High Selectivity and Higher-Order Mode Suppression

Compact ultra-wideband bandstop filter using capacitive loads

A filter design method based on higher-order modes of fan-shaped half-mode substrate integrated waveguide resonator

Low-Loss Wide-Tuning-Range Three-Pole Frequency-Agile Bandpass Diplexer With Identical Constant Absolute Bandwidth

Advanced Filtering Solutions in Coaxial SIW Technology Based on Singlets, Cascaded Singlets, and Doublets

A Miniaturized On-Chip BPF With Ultrawide Stopband Based on Lumped Pi-Section and Source-Load Coupling

Coaxial Feeding BPF Integrated SP7T Switch

Optimal Time Allocation in Multi-Cell Wireless Powered Communication Networks

A viscous vortex lattice method for analysis of cross-flow propellers and turbines

Effects of surface states on salt-frost scaling resistance of cement concrete

Compact Tunable Balanced Bandpass Filter With Constant Bandwidth Based on Magnetically Coupled Resonators

Highly-selective and Compact Bandpass Filters Using Microstrip — Coaxial Resonator

Design of Novel Compact Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Using Embedded Resonators

A New Microstrip Reconfigurable Transversal Coupling Bandpass Filter with Highly Controllable Number and Positions of Transmission Zeros

Ultracompact microstrip dual- and triple-band bandpass filters with a common resonator feeding structure

A Filtering Power Divider with Tunable Center Frequency and Wide Stopband

Miniature dual-band bandpass filter using modified quarter-wavelength SIRs with controllable passbands

Electronically Reconfigurable Doublet in Dual-Mode Coaxial SIW

Compact dual-mode dual-band HMSIW bandpass filters using source–load coupling with multiple transmission zeros

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Mathematical Model of Energy Processes in an Industrial Electric Screwdriver

A Compact Bandpass Filter with Wide Stopband and Two Finite Transmission Zeros

A Low-Loss Three-Pole Frequency-Agile Bandpass Filter with Constant Absolute Bandwidth

Design of Tunable Multi-Pole Multi-Zero Bandpass Filters and Diplexer With High Selectivity and Isolation

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Load Coupling 부하 커플링

Load Coupling 부하 커플링
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