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Lockdown-2020 and Livelihood of Migrant Women Workers in Jharkhand

The Social Safety Nets and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan: An Evaluation of Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Programme

Formalization as a tool for environmental peacebuilding? Artisanal and small-scale mining in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Assessing the economic and mitigation benefits of climate-smart agriculture and its implications for political economy: A case study in Southern Africa

Local community participation challenges in community-based ecotourism development in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Livelihood Promotion: Can the Collectives of NRLM Really Do It?

A Sustainable Approach for Livelihood Improvement and Integrated Natural Resource Management in Central Himalaya, India

Assessment of Food Security Status of Goat Farmers In Lagos State, Nigeria

Design of a Portable, Automated Sewer-Line Inspection and De-Clogging Sewer-Bot for Indian Conditions

A Socio-Economic Analysis of Livelihood Strategies in Agriculture Dependent Communities of Mizoram, India

Street Vending as Strategy for Livelihood of Urban Poor: in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Characteristics and Determinants of Livelihood Diversification of Different Household Types in Far Northwestern China

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Exploring Spatial Symbiosis of Agriculture and Mining for Sustainable Development in Northwest Ghana

Does Forest Certification Improve Socio-Economic and Governance Issues? A Case of Community Forestry from Nepal

The role of dry land forests for climate change adaptation: the case of Liben Woreda, Southern Oromia, Ethiopia

Socio-Economic Contribution of Rift Value Aquatic and Wetlands to the Local Community and the National Economy: The Case of Lake Hawassa and Associated Wetlands, in the Southern Part of Ethiopia

Pathways to forest wealth in Nepal

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Livelihood Enhancement 생계 증진

Livelihood Enhancement 생계 증진
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