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Constraining the Primordial Lithium Abundance: New Cross Section Measurement of the 7Be + n Reactions Updates the Total 7Be Destruction Rate

Nonthermal Cosmic Rays during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis to Solve the Lithium Problem

The GALAH survey: accreted stars also inhabit the Spite plateau

The Lithium Abundances from the Large Sky Area Multi-object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope Medium-resolution Survey. I. The Method

A search for runaway stars in 12 Galactic supernova remnants

Lithium Evolution of Giant Stars Observed by LAMOST and Kepler

Lithium in red giants: the roles of the He-core flash and the luminosity bump

Rotation and Lithium Confirmation of a 500 pc Halo for the Open Cluster NGC 2516

Back to the Lithium Plateau with J0023+0307 with [Fe/H]<-6

Back to the Lithium Plateau with the [Fe/H] < −6 Star J0023+0307

Correlated Depletion and Dilution of Lithium and Beryllium Revealed by Subgiants in M 67

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Lithium Abundances 리튬 풍부

Lithium Abundances 리튬 풍부
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