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The Effectiveness of Information Organization and Authority Control

India’s research contribution to world LIS literature: a study 2011–20

Antiracism in the LIS Profession: Not Just Lip Service

Knowledge Economy

Social capital in the theory and research of LIS professionals in the light of the literature on the subject. Review of current knowledge

The Social role and the responsibilities of Public Libraries and Librarians in Transforming Society

The essential skills and competencies of LIS professionals in the digital age: alumni perspectives survey

MOOCs as a Professional Development Tool for Library and Information Science Professionals: A Study

Whose Safety is the Priority?

Challenges and LIS Responses to Digital Literacy in Crisis

Enough Crocodile Tears! Libraries Moving beyond Performative Antiracist Politics

Challenges and prospects of linked data technology: a qualitative study of Pakistani LIS professionals’ insights

Authority Control: Sharing Cataloguing Experiences Practiced at the Library of Open University of Sri Lanka

Professional Ethics, Copyright Legislation and the Case for Collective Copyright Disobedience in Libraries

Chapter 9 Beyond Dewey: Creating an LGBTQ+ Classification System at the LGBTQ Center of Durham

Social network services and Libraries

На пути к эффективному библиотечно-информационному образованию: взгляд российских исследователей

Perceptions on Job Requirements of LIS Graduates in Public Libraries: A Reflection on Public Libraries in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Skill Suits of LIS Professionals: Towards Modern Paradigm

Stress Management in Libraries

Legal issues related to libraries: a study of cases filed in Indian courts

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Lis Professionals 리스 프로페셔널

Lis Professionals 리스 프로페셔널
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