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Study the morphological and optical properties for nanoparticle Sesame by Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Liquid Processors

One pot in situ synthesis of nano Au–Pd core-shells embedded on reduced graphene oxide for the oxygen reduction reaction

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A biaxially stretched cellulose film prepared from ionic liquid solution.

A novel process design for CO2 capture and H2S removal from the syngas using ionic liquid

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Discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident into the Northwest Pacific: What is known and what needs to be known.

Health effects triggered by tritium: how do we get public understanding based on scientifically supported evidence?

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A biaxially stretched cellulose film prepared from ionic liquid solution.

A combined fermentation and ethanol-assisted liquefaction process to produce biofuel from Nannochloropsis sp.

Crystal cleavage, periodic nanostructure and surface modification of SiC ablated by femtosecond laser in different media

Combined Syngas and Hydrogen Production using Gas Switching Technology

Wear Characteristics of Aluminum Composite Reinforced by Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

Oxide-Zeolite-Based Composite Catalyst Concept That Enables Syngas Chemistry beyond Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.

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Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis as Key for a Decentralized Sustainable Kerosene Production

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Insights into oxygen reduction reaction on pristine carbon nanoparticles synthesized by the plasma-in-liquid process

Design of Cobalt Fischer–Tropsch Catalysts for the Combined Production of Liquid Fuels and Olefin Chemicals from Hydrogen-Rich Syngas

Kinetics and thermodynamics of oil extraction from South African hass avocados using hexane as a solvent

Economic assessment of Power-to-Liquid processes – Influence of electrolysis technology and operating conditions

Acid number, viscosity and end-point detection in a multiphase high temperature polymerisation process using an online miniaturised MEMS Fabry-Pérot interferometer.

Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis as the Key for Decentralized Sustainable Kerosene Production

Precise Evaluation of Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow Pattern in a Narrow Rectangular Channel with Stereology Method

Facile in Situ Synthesis of Dual-Heteroatom-Doped High-Rate Capability Carbon Anode for Rechargeable Seawater-Batteries

Decomposition of Naproxen by Plasma in Liquid Process with TiO2 Photocatslysts and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Material removal mechanism of aluminium alloy in barrel finishing under grinding fluid

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Cascading bioenergy systems for sustainable biofuel production by integrating biological and thermochemical technologies

Highly Selective Isobutane Hydroxylation by Ozone in a Pressure-Tuned Biphasic Gas–Liquid Process

Synthesis of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) by plasma-in-liquid process

Quantitative of Mass Transfer in Liquid-Liquid Operations of Oil-Alcohol-Glycerin Systems

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Optimization of EDM Process Parameters on Machining Characteristics of SiC and Graphene Reinforced Al 6061-T6nano-Composites

Viscous biochemical samples: its characteristics and transportation issues

Microbiota of eggs revealed by 16S rRNA-based sequencing: From raw materials produced by different suppliers to chilled pasteurized liquid products

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Liquid processing of silicon steels using the converter-ladle furnace-circulation degasser route

Synthesis of hollow and aggregated CeO2:Sm3+ microspheres and their redox-responsive luminescence

Mechanistic insights into Cu and K promoted Fe-catalyzed production of liquid hydrocarbons via CO2 hydrogenation

Exergy Analysis of a Process Converting Power and Biomass to a Liquid Fuel

Novel Materials Proper to Liquid Process

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Parametric Optimization of a Power and Biomass to Liquid Process

Ethylene/ethane absorption with AgNO3 solutions in ultrasonic microreactors

In-Liquid Laser Nanomachining by Photonic Nanojet in Optical Tweezers Configuration

Guide to Silicon-Based Materials

The generalized forced oscillation method for tuning PID controllers.

Experimental study of electrostatic hazard inside scrubber column using response surface methodology

Modeling of the polymerization and crystallization kinetic coupling of polyamide 6 synthesized from ε-caprolactam

Boosting carbon efficiency of the biomass to liquid process with hydrogen from power: The effect of H2/CO ratio to the Fischer-Tropsch reactors on the production and power consumption

CO2-utilization in the synthesis of methanol: Potential analysis and exergetic assessment

A solution-based ALD route towards (CH3NH3)(PbI3) perovskite via lead sulfide films

Liquid Vapor Deposition Using Liquid Silicon (LVD)

Liquid–Liquid Flow Pattern Visualization and Mapping in a Millimetric Size Coiled Tube

Facile Preparation of Ni-Co Bimetallic Oxide/Activated Carbon Composites Using the Plasma in Liquid Process for Supercapacitor Electrode Applications

Investigation of Properties of Mg and Al Based Nano Hybrid-Metallic Composites Processed Through Liquid Processing Technique

Effect of Reaction Conditions on Catalytic and Noncatalytic Lignin Solvolysis in Water Media Investigated for a 5 L Reactor

Highly Efficient Ionic Photocurrent Generation through WS2 -Based 2D Nanofluidic Channels.

Direct or indirect electrification? A review of heat generation and road transport decarbonisation scenarios for Germany 2050

Homogenous dispersion and interfacial bonding of carbon nanotube reinforced with aluminum matrix composite: A review

RETRACTED: Heterojunction Photoelectrode of Polyaniline/ZnS Film/ZnO Nanorod on FTO Glass

The Effect of Various Nanofluids on Absorption Intensification of CO2/SO2 in a Single-Bubble Column

Recycling of Dispersed Metal Wastes in Rotary Furnaces

Photochemical synthesis of nano- and micro-crystalline particles in aqueous solutions

Influence of unit operations on immunoglobulins and thermal stability of colostrum fractions

Exclusion and Trapping of Carbon Nanostructures in Nonisotropic Suspensions of Cellulose Nanostructures.

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Liquid Process 액체 공정

Liquid Process 액체 공정
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