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Liquid Metal Research (History and Knowledge to be Preserved)

Low-melting-point liquid metal convective heat transfer: A review

Liquid Metals sentence examples within Temperature Liquid Metals

Printed and Laser-Activated Liquid Metal-Elastomer Conductors Enabled by Ethanol/PDMS/Liquid Metal Double Emulsions.

Tunable Microwave Inductor Using Liquid-Metal Microfluidics

Liquid Metals sentence examples within Heavy Liquid Metals

Overview on Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor Design and Related Technologies Development in ENEA

Gas-lift enhanced natural circulation of alkali and heavy liquid metals for passive cooling of nuclear reactors

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Novel features of the helical volumetric neutron source FFHR-b2

3D-Printed Self-Healing Elastomers for Modular Soft Robotics.

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Stimulus-driven liquid metal and liquid crystal network actuators for programmable soft robotics

Mechanical energy harvesting using a liquid metal vortex magnetohydrodynamic generator

Computer Experiments on Self-diffusion Coefficients of Some Liquid Metals

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Wearable Thermoelectric Generators Based on Liquid Metal

A unified study of electrical transport properties of some liquid metals by pseudopotential method

Observation of a highly conductive warm dense state of water with ultrafast pump–probe free-electron-laser measurements

Liquid metal technology in solar power generation - Basics and applications

Design Principles and Applications of Next-Generation High-Energy-Density Batteries Based on Liquid Metals.

An a posteriori error analysis for the equations of stationary incompressible magnetohydrodynamics

Accelerating finite-temperature Kohn-Sham density functional theory with deep neural networks

Oscillatory thermal–inertial flows in liquid metal rotating convection

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Development of methods for determining the density of low-melting metals

A Review of the Surface Modifications for Corrosion Mitigation of Steels in Lead and LBE

A general approach to composites containing nonmetallic fillers and liquid gallium

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Magnetic force vectors as a new visualization tool for magnetohydrodynamic convection

A Gravity-Triggered Liquid Metal Patch Antenna with Reconfigurable Frequency

Permeable superelastic liquid-metal fibre mat enables biocompatible and monolithic stretchable electronics

2D Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Heterostructures: Controlled Synthesis and Functional Applications

Effects of interionic pair interactions on atomic transport properties of liquid Al

Printable and Recyclable Conductive Ink Based on a Liquid Metal with Excellent Surface Wettability for Flexible Electronics.

Achieving High-Performance and Tunable Microwave Shielding in Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Polydimethylsiloxane Composites Containing Liquid Metals

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A fundamental investigation of thermo-capillarity in laser powder bed fusion of metals and alloys

Study of Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Lead-Based Liquid Metals in a Turbulent Tube Flow and the Impacts of Roughness

Ultrastretchable conductive liquid metal composites enabled by adaptive interfacial polarization.

Electrochemical Methods for the Study of Liquid Metals: Highlights from Metallurgical Transactions

Conversion of Polymer Surfaces into Nonwetting Substrates for Liquid Metal Applications.

Future applications of the high-flux thermal neutron spectroscopy: the ever-green case of collective excitations in liquid metals

Surface modification of liquid metal as an effective approach for deformable electronics and energy devices

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The basics of construction of jet-drop optical systems for measuring the electric field strength. Part 1

Formation and Growth of Intermetallic Compounds during Reactions between Liquid Gallium and Solid Nickel

Liquid metal batteries for future energy storage

Recent advances in liquid-metal-based wearable electronics and materials

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Battery thermal management: An optimization study of parallelized conjugate numerical analysis using Cuckoo search and Artificial bee colony algorithm

Evaluation and Comparative Study of Acoustic Non-Linearity Parameter of Liquid Metals and Alloys using Sound Speed and Density Data

Interfacial Tension Modulation of Liquid Metal via Electrochemical Oxidation

Experimental study of rough spherical Couette flows: Increasing helicity toward a dynamo state

Conceptual design of Thomson scattering diagnostics for the COMPASS-U tokamak.

3D-printed liquid metal-based stretchable conductors and pressure sensors

Electrostatic Stabilization of Nano Liquid Metals in Doped Nonpolar Liquids.

Recent Development in Liquid Metal Materials

Liquid metal bubbles

Compressible and Stretchable Magnetoelectric Sensors Based on Liquid Metals for Highly Sensitive, Self-Powered Respiratory Monitoring.

Surface effects on deuterium permeation through vanadium membranes

Gallium oxide-stabilized oil in liquid metal emulsions.

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Extension of the partially integrated transport modeling method to the simulation of passive scalar turbulent fluctuations at various Prandtl numbers

Entropy of Alloy Phases: A Macroscopic Perspective

Carbonization of low thermal stability polymers at the interface of liquid metals

Pseudogap in a crystalline insulator doped by disordered metals.

Aramid nanofiber assisted preparation of self-standing liquid metal-based films for ultrahigh electromagnetic interference shielding

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Liquid Metals 액체 금속

Liquid Metals 액체 금속
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