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Systematization and Identification of Semantic Relations in Ontologies for Scientific and Technical Subject Areas

La queerización postfeminista: del constructivismo trans/genérico a la eliminación de las mujeres

A Survey of the Perceived Text Adaptation Needs of Adults with Autism


Restorative justice at the crossroads: politics, power, and language

La teoria dell’indeterminatezza semantica degli slur / Semantic indeterminacy theory of slurs

From Lexical Semantics to Traditional Ecological Knowledge: On Precipitation, Condensation and Suspension Expressions in Chinese

A Cross-Cultural Study of Persuasive Strategies in Relationship Advice Articles in Women’s Magazines

“It’s Not Just Writing”: Negotiating Childness in Children’s Literature Through Performance

Developing Ontology of Properties and Its Methods of Use

A usage-based alternative to “lexicalization” in sign language linguistics

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Linguistic Constructions 언어 구성

Linguistic Constructions 언어 구성
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