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Linear Second sentence examples within order differential equation

Chiral Cosmological Model of f ( R ) Gravity with a Kinetic Curvature Scalar

The Uniqueness Theorem for the Solutions of Dual Equations of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Singular Points and Turning Points

Linear Second sentence examples within order partial differential

On the multidimensional Black–Scholes partial differential equation

Linear backward stochastic differential equations with gaussian Volterra processes

Linear Second sentence examples within boundary value problem

Wavelet kernel function based multiscale LSSVM for elliptic boundary value problems

Nonlinear second-order delay differential equation

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Linear Second sentence examples within order ordinary differential

Kink-type solitary waves within the quasi-linear viscoelastic model

The Painlevé approach for finding solitary wave solutions of nonlinear nonintegrable differential equations

Linear Second sentence examples within partial differential equation

Numerical Simulation of Pattern Formation on Surfaces Using an Efficient Linear Second-Order Method

Low Reynolds number capture of small particles on cylinders by diffusion, interception, and inertia at subcritical Stokes numbers

Linear Second sentence examples within order multi agent

Event-triggered Distributed Formation Control of Second-order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems Subjected to Input Constraints

Time-Varying Formation for Second Order Nonlinear Multi-agent System with Switching Topology and Time Delay

Linear Second sentence examples within order delay differential

Are commercially implemented adaptive cruise control systems string stable?

An h-p version of the continuous Petrov-Galerkin time stepping method for nonlinear second-order delay differential equations

Linear Second sentence examples within ordinary differential equation

Analysis of plastic stress singularities of cracks and wedges under the plane stress conditions

Linear Second sentence examples within linear second order

A Linear Integral Resonant Controller for Suppressing Jump-Phenomena in MEMS

Periodic solutions of second order equations via rotation numbers

Linear Second sentence examples within linear second harmonic

Magnetoelectric direct and converse resonance effects in a flexible ferromagnetic-piezoelectric polymer structure

Average Structure, Local Structure, Photoluminescence, and NLO Properties of Scheelite Type NaCe(WO4)2

Existence of positive solutions for a semipositone discrete boundary value problem

System identification of lumped parameter models for weakly nonlinear systems

Comprehensive characterization of magnetite-based colloid for biomedical applications

Effect of the State Policy of Shipbuilding Development on Sea Freight

Finite-Time Formation Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm System With Time-Delay and Input Saturation

Size-dependent nonlinear secondary resonance of micro-/nano-beams made of nano-porous biomaterials including truncated cube cells

Adaptive Consensus of Nonlinearly Parameterized Multi-Agent Systems

Machine Learning Approximation Algorithms for High-Dimensional Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Second-order Backward Stochastic Differential Equations

SVSM calculation of power system with high wind-power penetration

Second-order sensitivity coefficient based electrical tomography imaging

An Efficient Reduced-Order Model for Studying Synchronization Stability of Grid-Following Converters during Grid Faults

A qualitative analysis and numerical simulations of a nonlinear second-order anisotropic diffusion problem with non-homogeneous Cauchy-Neumann boundary conditions

Positive solutions for a semipositone nonlocal discrete boundary value problem

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Status and perspectives of turbulent heat transfer modelling in low-Prandtl number fluids

Large fluctuations of a Kardar-Parisi-Zhang interface on a half line: The height statistics at a shifted point.

On the Separation Property of Nonlinear Second-Order Differential Operators with Matrix Coefficients in Weighted Spaces

Exact general solution and first integrals of a remarkable static Euler-Bernoulli beam equation

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Robust exponential attractors for a class of non-autonomous semi-linear second-order evolution equation with memory and critical nonlinearity

Blow-Up of Solutions to Semilinear Nonautonomous Wave Equations with Robin Boundary Conditions

Nonlinear secondary resonance of nanobeams under subharmonic and superharmonic excitations including surface free energy effects

A Qualitative Analysis of a Nonlinear Second-Order Anisotropic Diffusion Problem with Non-homogeneous Cauchy–Stefan–Boltzmann Boundary Conditions

Existence of at Least One Homoclinic Solution for a Nonlinear Second-Order Difference Equation

How Fast Is Too Fast? The Role of Perception Latency in High-Speed Sense and Avoid

A 2D Non-Linear Second-Order Differential Model for Electrostatic Circular Membrane MEMS Devices: A Result of Existence and Uniqueness

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Existence of nonoscillatory solutions of second-order nonlinear neutral differential equations with distributed deviating arguments

Analytic Models of Roll Call Voting Dynamics

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Adaptive Fuzzy Containment Control of Second-order Nonlinear Systems Using Only Position Measurements

Large sets at infinity and Maximum Principle on unbounded domains for a class of sub-elliptic operators

Operator Inequalities Involved Wiener–Hopf Problems in the Open Unit Disk

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Nonlinear Second-Order Topological Insulators.

Nonlinear Moment Matching for the Simulation-Free Reduction of Structural Systems

Approximate controllability of semilinear strongly damped wave equation with impulses, delays, and nonlocal conditions

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Rotavirus VP6 protein as a bio-electrochemical scaffold: Molecular dynamics and experimental electrochemistry.

Dual Multiplicative-Barrier Methods for Linear Second-Order Cone Programming

Solving Linear Second-Order Singularly Perturbed Differential Difference Equations via Initial Value Method

Stability of a pendulum with a moving mass: The averaging method

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Linear Second 선형 초

Linear Second 선형 초
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