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Fast and Stable Transient Simulation of Nonlinear Circuits using the Numerical Inversion of the Laplace Transform

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Study of Electronic Circuits with Operational Amplifiers Using Interactive Environments for Design and Analysis

IMS Fast Method for Large-Scale Signaling Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits Including Worst-Case Eye and Bit Error Rate Analysis

Method for Accurate and Efficient Eye Diagram Prediction of Nonlinear High-Speed Links

On the Hardness of the Determinant: Sum of Regular Set-Multilinear Circuits

A Novel General-Purpose Theorem for the Analysis of Linear Circuits

A simple time-delay memristor and its application in 2D HR neuron model

Analysis of distance protection’s operation in cases of deep saturation of current transformers


Integrated Analog Circuits Analysis Using Companion Models

Sublinear Circuits for Polyhedral Sets

Extending the Ohtomo Stability Test to Large-Signal Solutions in a Commercial Circuit Simulator

LEDs driven by AC without transformers or rectifiers

Simulation of a Nonlinear Frequency Multiplier using the FDTD Technique

A new scheme of coupling and synchronizing low-dimensional dynamical systems

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Finding DC Operating Points of Nonlinear Circuits Using Carleman Linearization

Switching Transients Using Injection of Sources

Scavenging energy from a vibrating building using distributed electromagnetic energy harvesters with nonlinear circuits

Neural Networks for Transient Modeling of Circuits : Invited Paper

Deep Neural Network Based Behavioral Model of Nonlinear Circuits

Complex Dynamics and Hard Limiter Control of a Fractional-Order Buck-Boost System

Nonlinear Control for Output Voltage Regulation of a Boost Converter With a Constant Power Load

Effective time‐domain approach for the assessment of the stability characteristics and other non‐linear effects of RF and microwave circuits

A Fresh Look at the Design of Low Jitter Hard Limiters

State Equations of Memristor Circuits with Nonlinear Lossless Elements in the Flux-Charge Domain

Synchronization control between two Chua′s circuits via capacitive coupling

Minireview on signal exchange between nonlinear circuits and neurons via field coupling

A method for fault diagnosis of nonlinear circuits

Voltage Stability Analysis and Online Monitoring Method Based on Fixed-Point Principle and Spectrum Calculation

Proper Initial Solution to Start Periodic Steady-State-Based Methods

Back scattering response from single, finite and infinite array of nonlinear antennas based on intelligent water drops algorithm

Stochastic and Quantum Thermodynamics of Driven RLC Networks

Robust and Efficient Power Flow Convergence with G-min Stepping Homotopy Method

Coherency‐Broken Bragg Filters: Overcoming On‐Chip Rejection Limitations

Selecting Ultracapacitors for Smoothing Voltage Deviations in Local Grids Fed by Transformer with Tap-Changer and Distributed PV Facilities

Field coupling-induced synchronization via a capacitor and inductor

Chaotic oscillator based on memcapacitor and meminductor

Modelling and co-simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous generator.

Modeling and sizing of non-linear CMOS analog circuits used in mixed signal systems

An Improved State Equations Extraction Method for Linear Circuits

Time-domain modeling of nonlinear circuits using deep recurrent neural network technique

Nonlinear Quantum Devices

Stability Evaluation of a Broadband Multi-Stage Low Noise Amplifier using Nonlinear Analysis

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Analysis of power flow under non-sinusoidal conditions in the presence of harmonics and interharmonics using geometric algebra

Determination of the Sensitivity of Linear Periodically-Time-Variable Circuits by the Frequency Symbolic Method

Differential coupling contributes to synchronization via a capacitor connection between chaotic circuits

Efficient Construction of Rigid Matrices Using an NP Oracle

Synchronization realization between two nonlinear circuits via an induction coil coupling

A Segmentation Algorithm for Capacitively Loaded Planar Resonant Structures

A Novel Data-Driven Analysis Method For Nonlinear Electromagnetic Radiations Based On Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Field coupling benefits signal exchange between Colpitts systems

Analysis of power flow under non-sinusoidal conditions in the presence of harmonics and interharmonics using geometric algebra

Analysis of Periodic Steady-States of Non-Linear Circuits Using the Discrete Singular Convolution Method

On the Iterated Laplace Transform of Linear Time-Varying Causal Systems

A third-order memristive Wien-bridge circuit and its integrable deformation

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