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Light Generated sentence examples within Scattered Light Generated

In-Process Diameter Measurement Technique for Micro-Optical Fiber with Standing Wave Illumination

Improved device for particle concentration detection based on laser scattering and microscopic amplification

Light Generated sentence examples within Uv Light Generated

Effect of UV Ageing on Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Nanocomposite Encapsulant

Experimental and computational investigation on interaction mechanism of Rhodamine B adsorption and photodegradation by zeolite imidazole frameworks-8

Light Generated sentence examples within Stray Light Generated

New light absorbing material for grazing angles

Light-shielding film on edges and draft facets of Fresnel lens fabricated by picosecond laser processing

Light Generated sentence examples within Broadband Light Generated

Monitoring the health of laser-driven phosphor-converted white light source using spectral interference technique

Convective amplification of stimulated Raman rescattering in a picosecond laser plasma interaction regime

Light Generated sentence examples within White Light Generated

Electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation using high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses over the observable optical breakdown threshold.

In-line Spectral Interferometry in Shortwave-Infrared Laser Filaments in Air.

Light Generated sentence examples within Field Light Generated

Probing nanoscale defects and wrinkles in MoS2 by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopic imaging

Three-dimensional simulation on near-field light generated by semiconductor ring resonator with metal nano-antenna for heat-assisted magnetic recording

Light Generated sentence examples within Coherent Light Generated

Quantum Reality, Spiritual Concepts, and Modern Optics Experiments

Ultra-compact electrically controlled beam steering chip based on coherently coupled VCSEL array directly integrated with optical phased array.

Light Generated sentence examples within Blue Light Generated

Saturation and alternate pathways in four-wave mixing in rubidium

Intraoperative Fluorescence Cerebral Angiography by Laser Surgical Microscopy: Comparison With Xenon Microscopy and Simultaneous Observation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Surrounding Structures.

Light Generated sentence examples within Visible Light Generated

Visible light 3D printing with epoxidized vegetable oils

Maskless visible-light photolithography of copper microheater for dynamic microbioreactor

Light Generated sentence examples within Stoke Light Generated

Stokes light induced modulation instability in high power continuous wave fiber amplifiers.

Temperature sensing system with high signal-to-noise ratio and large temperature sensing range based on multiwavelength Brillouin fiber laser

Light Generated sentence examples within Scintillation Light Generated

Plastic scintillation dosimeter with a conical mirror for measuring 3D dose distribution.

Radiation-induced effects in glass windows for optical readout GEM-based detectors

Light Generated sentence examples within light generated carrier

Theoretical Study of Charge Carrier Lifetime and Recombination on the Performance of Eco-Friendly Perovskite Solar Cell

Uncovering the origin of full-spectrum visible-light-responsive polypyrrole supramolecular photocatalysts

Light Generated sentence examples within light generated electron

Observation of dopant-dependent efficiency in chemically doped graphene/silicon solar cells and prospects for MoOx to overcome the stability and efficiency limits

A novel electrochemical method for simultaneous measurement of real-time potentials and photocurrent of various photoelectrochemical systems

Comparative Study of Quantum Features of Radiation Generated by Nondegenerate Down-Conversion

Generation of Bright and Entangled Light from a Nondegenerate Three-Level Laser with Parametric Amplifier and Coupled to Thermal Reservoir

Three-Dimensional, Time-Dependent Analysis of High- and Low-Q Free-Electron Laser Oscillators

GAMA/DEVILS: constraining the cosmic star formation history from improved measurements of the 0.3–2.2  μm extragalactic background light

Enhanced two-photon excited fluorescence by ultrafast intensity fluctuations from an optical parametric generator

Recent Advances and Clinical Applications of Plastic Scintillators in the Field of Radiation Therapy

Squeezed light generation in cascaded optomechanical systems

Analysis Of Response Speed Settings Flame Sensor Fire Fighting Robots Using Pid

Measurement of electron beam transverse flux density distribution

Development of a Point-of-Care Assay for HIV-1 Viral Load Using Higher Refractive Index Antibody-Coated Microbeads

Temperature tolerance of a hybrid III-V/Si distributed feedback semiconductor laser with a large quality factor

Laser Cutting Defect Recognition Using Conversion of Processing Light Information into Spectrogram Images - Spectroscopic Measurements in Multiple Work Surface Conditions and Extraction of Spectral Data Features Based on Processing Principle -

Squeezing properties of nondegenerate three-level laser with degenerate parametric amplifier

Bright correlated twin-beam generation and radiation shaping in high-gain parametric down-conversion with anisotropy.

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Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Panels Under the Effect of Electrical and Environmental Parameters in Erbil City

Diffraction and interference of classical spiraling photons in accord with the law of conservation of energy

Imaging Bioluminescent Exogenous Stem Cells in the Intact Guinea Pig Cochlea

Ultrafast photonic micro-systems to manipulate hard X-rays at 300 picoseconds

Spatiotemporal Stabilization of Locally PT-symmetric Semiconductor Lasers

Generation and Tracking of Optical Signals inside the IC to Improve Device Security and Failure Analysis

Efficient tandem polymer light-emitting diodes with PTPA-P/ZnO as the charge generation layer

Spatial squeezing in bright twin beams generated with four-wave mixing: Constraints on characterization with an electron-multiplying charge-coupled-device camera

More Light Generated 생성된 빛 sentence examples

Optimizing Plant Factory Performance for Local Requirements

More Light Generated 생성된 빛 sentence examples

Post-Si Nano Device Technology

Quantum-Optical Mode Gate for Nonclassical Squeezed Light

Propagation characteristics of orbital angular momentum modes at 810 nm in step-index few-mode fibers

The Influence of the Variable Excitation Wavelength on the Spectral Characteristics of the Light Generated by the Luminescent Layer Consisting of YAG: Ce Phosphor and PDMS

Multi-Spectral Quantum Cascade Lasers on Silicon With Integrated Multiplexers

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