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Life Narratives sentence examples within Interpreting Life Narratives

TransCanadian Feminist Fictions: New Cross-Border Ethics by Libe García Zarranz (review)

XI IABA Brazil 2018

Life Narratives sentence examples within Deaf Life Narratives

Creative biographical responses to epistemological and methodological challenges in generating a deaf life story telling instrument

Creative biographical responses to epistemological and methodological challenges in generating a deaf life story telling instrument

Life Narratives sentence examples within Personal Life Narratives

Queen of Heartaches


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Life Narratives sentence examples within Three Life Narratives

Manthia Diawara’s Autoethnographic Forays in Memoir and Film from ‘Counter’ to ‘Strong’ to ‘Beyond’

Intersections of Memory and History in Rural Hungarian Women’s Life Narratives: Three Case Studies

The role of proximity relations in the integration process into the network: an analysis of CEOs’ life narratives

Revisiting Iran through Women’s Memoirs: Alternative Narratives from Insider Within

Understanding Adolescent Girls in Custody Using the Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (MIDSA)

Quality of life (QOL) narratives of growing up with epilepsy from youth and family perspectives

Looking for an answer under the shadow−Life narratives among people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Social Identity Transition in Academic Retirement

Widowhood and depression among Chinese older adults: examining coping styles and perceptions of aging as mediators and moderators.

I play, therefore I teach, I learn, therefore I play: teaching and learning experienced by pifeiros musicians from São José de Piranhas, Sertão da Paraíba

Memory, postmemory and the role of narratives among women writers from the adivasi communities of Goa

Anti-Slavery and Australia. No Slavery in a Free Land?


The Clip Approach: A Visual Methodology to Support the (Re)Construction of Life Narratives

Olimpismo e memória: dos baús pessoais de atletas a um acervo público

DUA TANI: (Re)evolving Identities of Pacific Islanders

Negotiation for a free belonging: Home and human rights in Bhattarai’s Registän Diary

‘Tell me what makes life worth living’: The role of authorial subjectivity in addressing gaps and silences in women’s life narratives in biofiction

Framing Lives as Paintings


Book review: S. Shankar and Charu Gupta (Eds.), Caste and Life Narratives

Poeta sam na sam z sobą – dziennik osobisty Romana Witolda Ingardena

Pearls of wisdom: Israeli elderly reflect on their lives and make suggestions for future generations

Strategic Storytelling: An Exploration of the Professional Practices of Mental Health Peer Providers

Well-trodden highways and roads less traveled: Entrepreneurial-oriented behavior and identity construction in international entrepreneurship narratives

Exploring the effectiveness of the Tree of Life in promoting the therapeutic growth or refugee women living with HIV

Notes on Contributors

Intercultural Performance Ecologies in the Making: Minor(ity) Theatre and the Greek Crisis

“Reckless People”: Negotiations of identity in Richard Ford’s Rock Springs

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A educação popular em saúde com grupos de idosos diabéticos na estratégia saúde da família: uma pesquisa-ação

Introducing Phenomenological Research Methodology in Sustainable Consumption Literature: Illustrations From India

The Afterlives of Stars, Known and Unknown

Redesign Me: Virtual Reality Experience of the Line of Life and Its Connection to a Healthier Self

Does self-acceptance captured by life narratives and self-report predict mental health? A longitudinal multi-method approach

Their time and their story: Inscribing belonging through life narratives and role expectations in wedding videography

‘My World Is a Different World’: Caste and Dalit Eco-Literary Traditions

Tales from the table

‘Accurate History and Facts’ or Memoir?: Unravelling the Weave of History and Life Narrative in the Black Hills

“A Collection of Stories, Poetry and Theories”: Homelessness, Outsider Memoirs, and the Right to Theorize

Between Socialist Modernity and Liquid Modernity. Vesna Goldsworthy’s Memoir Chernobyl Strawberries

Experimental design and statistical evaluation on the effect of narrative therapy on body image and body mass index in Iranian overweight and obese women

Authorship in Mathematics in an Environment Marked Between Delinquency and Inclusion

A Feminist Review of John Dramani Mahama’s My First Coup D’etat: Memories from the Lost Decades of Africa

Служит ли форма выживанию? Опыт наследования памяти о Холокосте и психологические функции его нарративизации в прозе Магдалены Тулли

Narrativas de sostenibilidad en emprendedores sociales de Lima Metropolitana

Seeking Recognition, Becoming Citizens : Achievements and Grievances among Former Combatants from Three Wars

The self in romantic relationships : understanding personality and romantic relationships from three perspectives

Kümedungun: Trajetórias de vida e a escrita de si de mulheres poetas Mapuche.

Developing different identity trajectories: lessons from the Chinese teachers

‘I loved him all my life’: love, duty and homosexuality in post-liberation China

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Life Narratives 삶의 이야기

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