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Effects of Grit and Social Support on Adaptation to College Life among Nursing Students

Relationships Between Positive Human Traits and PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments) in Student Veterans With and Without Disabilities: A Canonical Correlation Analysis

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Cultural Anthropology

Factors Affecting the Internet Game Addiction Risk of Elementary School Students in Multicultural Families

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Using the Draw-a-Story Drawing Test to Predict Perceived Stress, Military Life Adjustment, and Resilience

Examining the Relationships Among Parental Overprotection, Military Life Adjustment, Social Anxiety, and Collective Efficacy

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The SOLAR group program to promote recovery after disaster and trauma-A randomized controlled feasibility trial among German trauma survivors.

„Skills fOr Life Adjustment and Resilience“ Programm

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Factors affecting adjustment of first-year nursing students to college life: A descriptive correlational study.

Cultural Anthropology

Perspectives of Self-Care Experiences of Aging Individuals Living Independently: A Focused Ethnography in the Community Setting

Validation and reliability of the Bahasa Malaysia language version of the Acceptance of Illness Scale among Malaysian patients with cancer

International Higher Education Students and Educators Psychological Experiences of Covid-19 in an Emerging Country

Explaining School Adjustment Difference among Children of Immigrant Mothers in Taiwan: The Mediators of Co-Parenting and Parenting Self-Efficacy

Piloting a scalable, post-trauma psychosocial intervention in Tuvalu: the Skills for Life Adjustment and Resilience (SOLAR) program

Children of Incarcerated parents: An experimental study of life-skills intervention on self-esteem, emotional problems and resilience

The process of life adjustment in patients at onset of glioma who are receiving continuous oral anticancer drug: A qualitative descriptive study

Unsuccessful life style in middle-aged official and self-reported types of offenders

Experience of living with knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review of qualitative studies

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Vaccination for Prevention of Herpes Zoster and Related Complications: Input for National Recommendations

Understanding rural caregivers’ experiences of cancer care when accessing metropolitan cancer services: a qualitative study

Life and expectations post-kidney transplant: a qualitative analysis of patient responses

Life Adjustment of International Students in Eastern Taiwan.

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Life Adjustment 수명 조정

Life Adjustment 수명 조정
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