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Simulating Polyurethane Foams Using the MoDeNa Multi-scale Simulation Framework

An Annotated Bangla Sentiment Analysis Corpus

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Industrial legislation in Australia, 2020

Regulating Australia’s ‘Gangmasters’ through Labour Hire Licensing

Toward the deployment of nuclear cogeneration projects – issues and considerations

Current Status and Future Perspectives of the PRISMA Mission at the Turn of One Year in Operational Usage

Comparison between different licensing schemes in a Stackelberg model when the follower is the innovator

Event owners’ rights to sports data and its commercialization in fantasy sports: illustrated by the licensing schemes of the Bundesliga

Understanding why some Australian retailers have stopped selling tobacco, some might and some are unlikely

New Zealand tobacco retailers’ understandings of and attitudes towards selling Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: a qualitative exploration

Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership

Hunting in Brazil: What are the options?

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Licensing Scheme 라이선스 체계

Licensing Scheme 라이선스 체계
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