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Systematic Procedure for Drawing Lewis Structures Based on Electron Pairing Priority and the Explicit Use of Donor Bonds: An Alternative to the Normal Procedure Which Can Be Pen and Paper Based or Automated on a PC in User Interactive 3D

Assessment of Student Performance on Core Concepts in Organic Chemistry

Ab Initio Dot Structures Beyond the Lewis Picture

Connecting the Dots: Lewis Structure Builder Web App as a Review Tool for Organic Chemistry

A reliable and efficient resonance theory based on analysis of DFT wave functions.

Burkholderia cenocepacia BCAM2418‐induced antibody inhibits bacterial adhesion, confers protection to infection and enables identification of host glycans as adhesin targets

Petra Anne Levin

Characterizing Peer Review Comments and Revision from a Writing-to-Learn Assignment Focused on Lewis Structures

Cognitive Task Analysis for Implicit Knowledge About Visual Representations With Similarity Learning Methods

Conceptualisation of Lewis structures by chemistry majors

Systematic Dual Targeting of Dendritic Cell C-Type Lectin Receptor DC-SIGN and TLR7 Using a Trifunctional Mannosylated Antigen

Timing of Homework Completion vs. Performance in General Chemistry

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Lewis Structures 루이스 구조

Lewis Structures 루이스 구조
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