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A Modified Levator Resection to Improve Postoperative Lagophthalmos and Eyelid Lag

Pathology Of “Post-Upper Blepharoplasty Syndrome”: Implications For Upper Eyelid Reconstruction

Physiological correction of mild to moderate congenital blepharoptosis: A retrospective cohort study involving 97 Eastern Asian patients.

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Double-eyelid blepharoplasty by turning the orbital septum downward

Full-Thickness Blepharotomy

Soft-Set Serpentine Eyelid Crease Formation

Modified Upper Blepharoplasty Using Combination of Incision and Nonincision Surgical Approaches

Invited Discussion on: Orbicularis–White Line Fixation in Asian Blepharoplasty—Kiss Technique

A Modified Technique Using Levator Aponeurosis–Müller Muscle–Reinforced Plication for Blepharoptosis Correction

The first idea of IOL implantation

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Effectiveness of remold eyelid structure method of blepharoplasty for thickening eyelid

The Type and Content of Collagen Fibers of The Levator Aponeurosis In Simple Congenital Blepharoptosis Patients.

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Combination of orbicularis oculi muscular myolemma release and orbital septum reset to create double eyelid

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Levator Aponeurosis 거근 건막증

Levator Aponeurosis 거근 건막증
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