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Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected interest


Modification of the claim: limits and their impact on the availability of justice in the Russian Federation

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected area

Assessment of potential surface degradation resulting from erosion processes in environmentally protected area

Spatially Explicit Assessment of Suitable Conditions for the Sustainable Production of Aviation Fuels in Brazil

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected forest

Mutual analyses of agriculture land use and transportation networks: The future location of soybean and corn production in Brazil.

A survey of small mammals in the Volta Region of Ghana with comments on zoogeography and conservation

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Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected species

Development of an STR panel for a non-native population of an endangered species

Scirpus radicans (Cyperaceae), a newly-discovered native species in Lithuania: population, habitats and threats

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected value

Risk-oriented Model of the Organization and Implementation of the Federal State Energy Supervision

A Metamorphosis of International Law?: Value Changes in the International Legal Order From the Perspectives of Legal and Political Science

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected good

La Ley de Violencia Intrafamiliar, el bien jurídico protegido y el patriarcado: un estudio preliminar

Forced Emergence of Title to Land Lots as a Phenomenon of Russian Law

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected right

Testamento vital: verificação e compartilhamento de informações em um hospital português

La autorización administrativa como pauta para determinar la conducta típica en los delitos culposos de homicidio y lesiones:: una cuestión de orden primario de comportamiento ejemplificada a través del otorgamiento de registros sanitarios

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected dispensary

Medical marijuana laws are associated with increases in substance use treatment admissions by pregnant women.

The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws and Dispensaries on Self-Reported Health

Legally Protected sentence examples within legally protected attribute

Secure Training Support Vector Machine with Partial Sensitive Part

Word Embeddings (Also) Encode Human Personality Stereotypes

Multi-criteria analysis for mapping susceptibility to iron formation caves development in the Gandarela mountain range (MG), southeast Brazil

To Split or not to Split: The Impact of Disparate Treatment in Classification

Perlindungan Merek sebagai Hak Kekayaan Intelektual: Studi di Kota Semarang, Indonesia

Correction of Soil Acidity in an Organic System of Shadowed Coffee

Legal nature of individual proceedings in cases of granting the right to marriage

More than a mountain: the contentious multiplicity of Tindaya (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands)

Putting the Asymmetry Debate in Its Place

Ochrona amerykańskiego stylu życia jako wartości w strategii cyberbezpieczeństwa Stanów Zjednoczonych


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Uzbek Laws Provide Responsibility For Violation Of Democratic Election Principles

Grupos de interés, valores y significados del sitio arqueológico Intihuasi, provincia de San Luis, Argentina. Un análisis orientado a su gestión patrimonial

Body Remains Left by Bird Predators as a Reliable Source for Population Genetic Studies in the Great Capricorn Beetle Cerambyx cerdo, a Veteran Oak Specialist

Resources and dynamics of halophytes in agricultural and industrial landscapes of the western part of Kujawy, Central Poland

Identifying Riparian Areas of Free Flowing Rivers for Legal Protection: Model Region Mongolia

A rapid biodiversity assessment of Lesotho’s first proposed Biosphere Reserve: a case study of Bokong Nature Reserve and Tšehlanyane National Park

Der Schutz personenbezogener Daten eines Whistleblowers in der Europäischen Kommission

The maturity index for Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata) communities as an indicator of human-caused disturbance in selected forest complexes of Poland

Underestimated threats to manta rays in Brazil: Primacies to support conservation strategies


The Hileia Baiana: An Assessment of Natural and Historical Aspects of the Land Use and Degradation of the Central Corridor of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


The more you know, the better you’re paid? Evidence from pay secrecy bans for managers

The Valuation of Know-How

Wildlife trade, CITES and the protection of marine molluscs in Indonesia

Cercopithecine and Colobine Abundance Across Protected and Unprotected Land in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem, Western Tanzania

Wetland Loss in Northeastern Italy Documented by Historical Maps

Souvenirs, Shells, and the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Hidden Earthworks: Excavation and Protection of Offa’s and Wat’s Dykes

Richness and taxonomic distinctness of cave invertebrates from the northeastern state of Goiás, central Brazil: a vulnerable and singular area

Taxonomic Biases Persist from Listing to Management for Canadian Species at Risk

Against the Wind—Sustainability, Migration, Presidential Discretion

Spatial-temporal variation in litterfall in seasonally dry tropical forests in Northeastern Brazil.

Developing Instruments to Measure Montessori Instructional Practices.

The Buffer Capacity of Riparian Vegetation to Control Water Quality in Anthropogenic Catchments from a Legally Protected Area: A Critical View over the Brazilian New Forest Code

De Facto or De Jure? Ethnic Differences in Quit Responses to Legal Protections of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Acervo acadêmico das IES pertencentes ao sistema federal de ensino: manutenção, guarda e conversão para o meio digital conforme a legislação brasileira

Original Content Verification Using Hash-Based Video Analysis

Decision trees for data publishing may exacerbate conservation conflict

Legally Protected 법적 보호

Legally Protected 법적 보호
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