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Learning Work sentence examples within Machine Learning Work

Why grid cells function as a metric for space

Continental-scale land cover mapping at 10 m resolution over Europe (ELC10)

Learning Work sentence examples within Deep Learning Work

PathML: A unified framework for whole-slide image analysis with deep learning

Application of Jupyter Notebook interfaces and iLauncher to deep learning workflows on HPC systems

Learning Work sentence examples within Supervised Learning Work

Fusing convolutional generative adversarial encoders for 3D printer fault detection with only normal condition signals

Semi-Supervised Learning by Exploiting Unlabeled Data Correlations in a Dual-Branch Network

Learning Work sentence examples within Professional Learning Work

Dissemination of Thinking while Moving in Maths: Implementation Barriers and Facilitators

Cross-sector early years teacher collaboration: using professional learning workshops as boundary objects for professional boundary crossing

Learning Work sentence examples within Online Learning Work

Data Life Aware Model Updating Strategy for Stream-Based Online Deep Learning

Faculty’s and Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning During COVID-19

Learning Work sentence examples within Blended Learning Work

Development of student worksheet for blended learning based guide inquiry and science process skill in reduction and oxidation reaction

Using information problem-solving activities to teach: an exploratory study designed to improve teacher competencies related to internet use in the classroom

Learning Work sentence examples within Active Learning Work

Heuristic stopping rules for technology-assisted review

Hybrid Computational-Experimental Data-Driven Design of Self-Assembling Pi-Conjugated Peptides

Learning Work sentence examples within Reinforcement Learning Work

Multi-Armed Bandits and Reinforcement Learning: Advancing Decision Making in E-Commerce and Beyond

Autonomous Flying Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Learning Work sentence examples within Representation Learning Work

Feature Learning for Accelerometer based Gait Recognition

CyberBERT: A Deep Dynamic-State Session-Based Recommender System for Cyber Threat Recognition

Learning Work sentence examples within Transfer Learning Work

Unsupervised transfer learning for anomaly detection: Application to complementary operating condition transfer

Evaluation of transfer learning in data-driven methods in the assessment of unconventional resources

Learning Work sentence examples within Task Learning Work

MT-DLA: An Efficient Multi-Task Deep Learning Accelerator Design

Multi-Modal Adaptive Fusion Transformer Network for the Estimation of Depression Level

Learning Work sentence examples within Federated Learning Work

Privacy and Trust Redefined in Federated Machine Learning

Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-Based Federated Learning for Marine Internet of Things

Learning Work sentence examples within Distance Learning Work

Family adjustment to COVID‐19 lockdown in Italy: Parental stress, coparenting, and child externalizing behavior

Междисциплинарный дистанционный практикум для студентов ИТ-направлений

Learning Work sentence examples within learning work well

Data-Driven Modeling to Facilitate Policymaking in Fighting to Contain the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Novel Bayesian Approach for the Two-Dimensional Harmonic Retrieval Problem

Successful Learning Environments Support and Harness Students’ Identity-based Motivation: A Primer

Adapting to change

Robots for Learning - Learner-Centred Design

Movement, Music, and Service Learning

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DesignMe-MR: Toolbox for the creation of learning scenes to training in occupation risk prevention with mixed reality

Practical CO2—WAG Field Operational Designs Using Hybrid Numerical-Machine-Learning Approaches

Meeting User Requirements for Mapping and Characterizing Deprived Urban Areas in Support of Pro-Poor Policies

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Evaluating the quality of routine data in primary health facilities for monitoring maternal and newborn care in Gombe State, northeastern Nigeria

Helping university students discover their workplace communication needs: An eclectic and interdisciplinary approach to facilitating on-the-job learning of workplace communication

Unsupervised machine learning for time-lapse seismic studies and reservoir monitoring

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