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Towards Expectation-Maximization by SQL in RDBMS

GRACE: A Compressed Communication Framework for Distributed Machine Learning

Learning Toolkit sentence examples within Deep Learning Toolkit

Neural-ILT 2.0: Migrating ILT to Domain-specific and Multi-task-enabled Neural Network

DREAMPlace: Deep Learning Toolkit-Enabled GPU Acceleration for Modern VLSI Placement

Cultural Humility Addressing Racism and Microaggression (CHARM)

Development and Validation of a Machine-Learning Model for Prediction of Extubation Failure in Intensive Care Units

LGBTQI2S Virtual Simulation: Lessons Learned Using Actors With Lived Experience

HodgeNet: Learning Spectral Geometry on Triangle Meshes


Evidence-based teaching: a simple view of “science”

Virtual laboratory practicum on the «Databases» discipline

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