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Learning Initiative sentence examples within physical education teaching

Research on the Function of Computer Aided Teaching in College Physical Education

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Online Learning Initiative

Agile Library Instruction: Piloting Collaboratively-Created Information Literacy Modules

Students’ perception and preference for online education in India during COVID -19 pandemic

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Action Learning Initiative

Community Health Workers’ Augment The Cascade of TB Detection To Care In Urban Slums of Two Metro Cities In India

Community health workers augment the cascade of TB detection to care in urban slums of two metro cities in India

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Blended Learning Initiative

Blended Learning and the Global South Virtual Exchanges in Higher Education

Effects of online language testing on final examination

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Enhanced Learning Initiative

Working in Creative Partnership with Students to Co‐Produce Neuroanatomy e‐Learning Resources in a New Era of Blended Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning in Undergraduate Pharmacology through Online Quizzes: A Pedagogical Approach and Medical Students’ Perspective

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Professional Learning Initiative

Primary Teacher Attitudes towards Productive Struggle in Mathematics in Remote Learning versus Classroom-Based Settings

Moderating professional learning on social media - A balance between monitoring, facilitation and expert membership

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Distance Learning Initiative

A Remotely Configurable Hardware/Software Architecture for a Distance IoT Lab

Lessons from Internet Use and Performance During Covid-19

Learning Initiative sentence examples within Lifelong Learning Initiative

Resilience and Growth: A University’s Response for Future-Proofing Graduates and Careers

Editors’ introduction to volume II local development and society

Novel coronavirus pneumonia based on the DingTalk platform teaching method in the teaching of Pathogenic Biology

English Applied Ability Teaching Reform of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing in ESP Teaching Mode

Change Project Approach for Reorienting University Teaching Towards the Implementation of Sustainability Principles

M-Universities: Critical Sustainability Factors

Exploring a collaborative approach to the involvement of patients, carers and the public in the initial education and training of healthcare professionals: A qualitative study of patient experiences.

Evaluation Research on Online and Offline Blended Teaching of Organic Chemistry Based on Logistic Model

English Teaching Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: Teacher Issues and Challenges

College English Learning and Evaluation Management System Based on Intelligent Classroom

Toward the Digitalisation of the Organisational Learning Capability to Enhance Organisational Performance

A New Project-based Learning Concept in English Writing

VR/AR Technology in Human Anatomy Teaching and Operation Training

Exploring the Meaning of Therapeutic Horticulture for Anishinabek Youth in a Brief Residential Treatment Unit: A Community Engagement CSL Case Study

Research on the Application of PBL Teaching Method in Physics Experiment Teaching

Design and Analysis of Intelligent Teaching System in Colleges and Universities Based on Big Data Application

Research on the practice and experience of theoretical mechanics teaching based on MOOCs

The transformation of education during the corona pandemic: exploring the perspective of the private university students in Bangladesh


Problem-oriented Teaching Mode based on Data Mining Technology in the Sports Psychology Classroom

Self-regulated learning of first-year students at physics education department, FKIP – Universitas Syiah Kuala

[Promoting teaching quality by portfolio assessment in Cell Engineering classroom].

Application Study of The Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode in Ideological and Political Education Mathematics Course Based on MOOC: A Case of Mathematics Course

Enacting a Latinx Decolonial Politic of Belonging: Latinx Community Workers’ Experiences Negotiating Identity and Citizenship in Toronto, Canada

Research on Teaching of Ideological and Political Education in Computer Foundation Based on Computational Thinking

Performance management problem of four small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): towards a performance resolution

Exploring the nexus between transdisciplinarity, internationalisation and community service-learning at a university of technology in Cape Town

Exploring Elementary Student Perceptions of Experiential Learning Within Critical Service-Learning

Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Vocational Colleges


Indonesian EFL Students’ Perceptions on Learning Autonomy in Online Learning Delivery Mode

Normalizing Service Learning in Medical Education to Sustain Medical Student-Led Initiatives.

The Effectiveness of “Xuexitong” in College English Teaching

Human-Computer Interaction Perspective on Mobile Learning: Gender and Social Implications

An Experimental Study on the Teaching Model of Integrating Ideological and Political Education in Physical Education Courses for Hearing Impaired Students from the Perspective of Mobile Internet

The students’ interest in a guided inquiry learning

Correlation between the Characteristics of Extension Workers and the Level of Learning Independence Through E-Learning

An Empirical Research on the Application of Blended Learning Model in Higher Vocational Education in the Age of Internet

Research on the Application of Intelligent Evaluation and Teacher-student Cooperation Assessment System in Teaching English Writing

What happens to P? Lessons from network action learning research

Assessment of the Effectiveness of BOPPPS-Based Hybrid Teaching Model in Physiology Education

E-Learning Services to Achieve Sustainable Learning and Academic Performance: An Empirical Study

Design and Application of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Internet+

Comparison of the BOPPPS Model and Traditional Instructional Approaches in Thoracic Surgery Teaching

Learning together, learning deeper: A little teacher assisted learning engagement

Optimization of User Feature Extraction Algorithm Comprehensive Innovation System for Students in the Era of Computer Internet Big Data

SPOC Supports the Improvement of Autonomous Learning Ability under the Background of Information Technology

Research on Teaching Reforms of Embedded System Course Under New Situation for IOT Speciality

Design and Research of Virtual Reality Teaching Assistant System for Colleges and Universities Experimental Course Under the Background of Wisdom Education

Application of Flipped Classroom Model Driven by Big Data and Neural Network in Oral English Teaching

Blended Teaching Approach in Power Electronic Technology Teaching

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