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Learning Challenge sentence examples within Machine Learning Challenge

A Holistic Approach to Interpretability in Financial Lending: Models, Visualizations, and Summary-Explanations

Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Human Microbiome Studies: Contemporary Challenges and Solutions

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Online Learning Challenge

An Exploration on Online Learning Challenges in Malaysian Higher Education: The Post COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

Online Learning Challenges Affecting Students of English in an EFL Context During Covid-19 Pandemic

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Deep Learning Challenge

A Succinct Analysis for Deep Learning in Deep Vision and its Applications

A Novel Evolutionary-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Intelligent Load Forecasting

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Collaborative Learning Challenge

Exploring Adaptation in Socially-Shared Regulation of Learning Using Video and Heart Rate Data

Collaborative architectural design studio environment: An experiment in the studio of Architectural Design-I

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Reinforcement Learning Challenge

Reinforcement Learning Approaches in Social Robotics

Multi-agent Neural Reinforcement-Learning System with Communication

Learning Challenge sentence examples within New Learning Challenge


Eu, Filósofo da Educação? uma análise reflexiva do ser filósofo na educação

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Language Learning Challenge

Exploring ESOL teachers’ perspectives on the language learning experiences, challenges, and motivations of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

RDF* Graph Database as Interlingua for the TextWorld Challenge

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Significant Learning Challenge

Bilingual learning strategies to support Chinese EAL business students

Rethinking Debugging as Productive Failure for CS Education

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Addressing Learning Challenge

The Digital Story as a Reading Response to the Literary Text Revisiting Camus’ The Outsider in the French Foreign Language Classroom

The peer interaction process on Facebook: a social network analysis of learners’ online conversations

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Experience Learning Challenge

Symbol relations training improves cognitive functioning in students with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Constraints to the implementation of inclusive teaching: a cultural historical activity theory approach

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Student Learning Challenge

COVID-19 Crisis: Exploring Community of Inquiry in Online Learning for Sub-Degree Students

Lived Experience of Literacy Coaches in the Technology-based Classrooms to improve Students’ Literacy among Non-traditional High Schools in Jamaica

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Distance Learning Challenge

Distance Learning Challenges in Translation Teaching: Mediation Competence Development

Constructing a Scale of Students’ Attitudes Towards Distance Learning at Jordanian Private Universities

Learning Challenge sentence examples within Transfer Learning Challenge

Neuropsychiatric Disease Classification Using Functional Connectomics - Results of the Connectomics in NeuroImaging Transfer Learning Challenge


Thriving in the New Normal: How COVID-19 has Affected Alternative Learners and Their Families and Implementing Effective, Creative Therapeutic Interventions

Functional Consequences of Poor Binaural Hearing in Development: Evidence From Children With Unilateral Hearing Loss and Children Receiving Bilateral Cochlear Implants

An Assessment of the Quality Service Provided to Children with Special Education Needs in Zambian Primary Schools

More Learning Challenge 학습 도전 sentence examples

A Study of the Teaching-Learning Challenges of the 21st Century at University ELT Classroom

Enriching videos with automatic place recognition in google maps

Approaching explanatory adequacy in phonology using Minimum Description Length

Small Group-Delivered Literacy Based Behavioral Interventions for Young Children

The Impact of COVID-19 Home Confinement on Mexican University Students: Emotions, Coping Strategies, and Self-Regulated Learning

Facing Challenges of Covid-19: The Perspective of China and Ethiopia Educational Institutions

Demystifying teaching, learning and research through institutional repositories in higher learning institutions in Kenya

Social injustice in learning of the second language among immigrant children in Finland: conventional narratives and perceptions

Exploring Goal–Setting Strategies of Prospective Physical Education Teachers to Maintain Academic Performance

Examining Some of Students’ Views on the Nature of Science (NOS) in Traditional Lecture Format Teaching Environment

Japanese adapted physical education graduate students’ learning about master’s research thesis projects

Education M&M: Reviving Intraoperative Teaching and Learning.

The Lack of Visual Interaction in Online Classes and its Effect on the Learning Experience of Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey of a Bahraini Private University Students

How Greek Students Experienced Online Education during Covid-19 Pandemic in Order to Adjust to a Post-Lockdown Period

Integrating language literacy in physical sciences in Riba Cross District, South Africa

Learning Implementation for Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Schools During the Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19’s Impact on Higher Education: A Rapid Review of Early Reactive Literature

Student challenges and learning strategies at Hong Kong EMI universities

An All-in-One Biomimetic 2D Spiking Neural Network

“This is Not My World”. Essential Support Strategies for Newly Arrived Adult Immigrants Learning Swedish


Harnessing the Characteristics of Open Educational Resources to the Challenges of Rural Education: A Holistic Understanding

The Use of Emerging Technology Exploration Projects to Guide Instructional Innovation

Using Tough Love to Promote Active Learning

English as Lingua Franca: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of English Language on Vietnamese Graduate Student Learning

Designing for situated learning: Understanding the relations between material properties, designed form and emergent learning activity

Implementation of Caregiver Distress Screening

Nonverbal Learning Disability

You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. Linguistic complexity and instruction in SLA: what’s in it for language teaching?

Fast Cars and Fast Learning: Using Virtual Reality to Learn Literacy and Numeracy in Prison

On the learnability of implicit arguments

A Systematic Literature Review on Teaching and Learning Introductory Programming in Higher Education

Learning Challenges to Inclusive Learning in an ECDE Centers in Eldoret East Sub-County, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Human and social factors affecting the decision of students to accept e-learning

More Learning Challenge 학습 도전 sentence examples

Re-learning and remembering in the lesioned brain

Introducing physically active lessons in UK secondary schools: feasibility study and pilot cluster-randomised controlled trial

Organizing for Inter-Organizational Learning in Service Networks.

The Investigation of Icon Concreteness with and without Text Describe for Retirees

Supporting Middle School Students in Tier 2 Math Labs: Instructional Strategies


Lessons Learned from 23 Years of a Deaf Psychiatric Inpatient Unit: Part 1

The Praxis of Design: Framing, Making, Doing, and Defining

The perspectives of physiotherapists on managing nonspecific low back pain following a training programme in cognitive functional therapy: A qualitative study

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