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Estimation of Lead Exposure Intensity by Industry Using Nationwide Exposure Databases in Korea

Benefits of cooperation among large-scale cohort studies and human biomonitoring projects in environmental health research: An exercise in blood lead analysis of the Environment and Child Health International Birth Cohort Group.

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Lead exposure biomarkers in the Common Loon.

Comparison of bone lead measured via portable x-ray fluorescence across and within bones.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic: Correlation of QT Intervals Between Telemetry and 12-Lead Electrocardiogram

LAMP: A CDC Program to Ensure the Quality of Blood-Lead Laboratory Measurements

Outcome of video-assisted thoracoscopic implantation of epicardial left ventricular leads with visual targeting for cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Sources of QTc variability: Implications for effective ECG monitoring in clinical practice

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Lead Measurements 리드 측정

Lead Measurements 리드 측정
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