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Late Endosome sentence examples within autophagosome lysosome fusion

ER stress promotes HBV production by enhancing utilization of the autophagosome- multivesicular body axis.

Depletion of UXT, a novel TSG101 interaction protein, leads to enhanced CEP55 attenuation through lysosome degradation.

Late Endosome sentence examples within phosphatidylinositol 3 phosphate

The influence of circular RNAs on autophagy and disease progression.

Proximity Interactome Map of the Vac14-Fig4 Complex Using BioID.

Late Endosome sentence examples within Positive Late Endosome

Autophagy gene ATG7 regulates albumin transcytosis in renal tubule epithelial cells.

Optogenetically-induced multimerization of the dopamine transporter increases uptake and trafficking to the plasma membrane

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Late Endosome sentence examples within Acidify Late Endosome

Vacuolar H+-ATPase dysfunction rescues intralumenal vesicle cargo sorting in yeast lacking PI(3,5)P2 or Doa4.

Vacuolar H+-ATPase dysfunction rescues intralumenal vesicle cargo sorting in yeast lacking PI(3,5)P2 or Doa4.

Late Endosome sentence examples within late endosome maturation

The Rab GTPase activating protein TBC-2 extends longevity by facilitating release of FOXO/DAF-16 from endosomes

Strategies of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae to evade immune clearance by alveolar macrophages

Late Endosome sentence examples within late endosome marker

Misrouting of Glucagon and Stathmin-2 Towards Lysosomal System of α-Cells in Glucagon Hypersecretion of Diabetes

Toll-Dorsal signaling regulates the spatiotemporal dynamics of yolk granule tubulation during Drosophila cleavage.

Late Endosome sentence examples within late endosome route

Arabidopsis ALIX Regulates Stomatal Aperture and Turnover of Abscisic Acid Receptors

Stomatal aperture and turnover of ABA receptors are regulated by Arabidopsis ALIX.

Specificities of exosome versus small ectosome secretion revealed by live intracellular tracking of CD63 and CD9

The role of Niemann-Pick type C2 in zebrafish embryonic development.

Molecular mechanisms of endomembrane trafficking in plants.

Human platelets display dysregulated sepsis-associated autophagy, induced by altered LC3 protein-protein interaction of the Vici-protein EPG5.

β-propeller proteins WDR45 and WDR45B regulate autophagosome maturation into autolysosomes in neural cells

Lysosome dysfunction as a cause of neurodegenerative diseases: Lessons from frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Introducing secretory reticulophagy/ER-phagy (SERP), a VAMP7-dependent pathway involved in neurite growth

Quantifying inter-organelle membrane contact sites using proximity ligation assay in fixed optic nerve sections.

Direct homophilic interaction of LAMP2A with the two-domain architecture revealed by site-directed photo-crosslinks and steric hindrances in mammalian cells.

Identification of Autophagy-Related Genes in the Progression from Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver to Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Loss of Christianson Syndrome Na+/H+ Exchanger 6 (NHE6) Causes Abnormal Endosome Maturation and Trafficking Underlying Lysosome Dysfunction in Neurons.

Structural basis of human PDZD8–Rab7 interaction for the ER-late endosome tethering

In-situ quantitation of genome release of Japanese encephalitis viruses by quantum dot-based single-virus tracking

Phagocytic and pinocytic uptake of cholesterol in Tetrahymena thermophila impact differently on gene regulation for sterol homeostasis

Comparative Structural, Biophysical, and Receptor Binding Study of True Type and Wild type AAV2.

Live Cell FRET Imaging Reveals Amyloid β-Peptide Oligomerization in Hippocampal Neurons

Precision Wormlike Nanoadjuvant Governs Potency of Vaccination.

Epstein-Barr Virus LMP1 Modulates the CD63 Interactome

An endosome-associated actin network involved in directed apical plasma membrane growth

Hepatocellular carcinoma as a complication of Niemann‐Pick disease type C1

Two Distinct Lysosomal Targeting Strategies Afford Trojan Horse Antibodies With Pan-Filovirus Activity

Rab7b regulates dendritic cell migration by linking lysosomes to the actomyosin cytoskeleton

Legumain Induces Oral Cancer Pain by Biased Agonism of Protease-Activated Receptor-2

TIP30 overcomes gefitinib resistance by regulating cytoplasmic and nuclear EGFR signaling in non–small‐cell lung cancer

A CRISPR-Cas9 screen reveals a role for WD repeat-containing protein 81 (WDR81) in the entry of late penetrating viruses

Reversal of apolipoprotein E4-dependent or chemical-induced accumulation of APP degradation products by vitamin C-induced release of heparan sulfate from glypican-1.

Pathophysiological In Vitro Profile of Neuronal Differentiated Cells Derived from Niemann-Pick Disease Type C2 Patient-Specific iPSCs Carrying the NPC2 Mutations c.58G>T/c.140G>T

Epimedokoreanin C, a prenylated flavonoid isolated from Epimedium koreanum, induces non-apoptotic cell death with the characteristics of methuosis in lung cancer cells.

Unexpected organellar locations of ESCRT machinery in Giardia intestinalis and complex evolutionary dynamics spanning the transition to parasitism in the lineage Fornicata

Schizophrenia-linked protein tSNARE1 regulates endolysosomal trafficking in cortical neurons

Centrosomal P4.1-associated protein (CPAP) positively regulates endocytic vesicular transport and lysosome targeting of EGFR

Quantitative imaging of membrane contact sites for sterol transfer between endo-lysosomes and mitochondria in living cells

The trans‐SNARE complex VAMP4/Stx6/Stx7/Vti1b is a key regulator of Golgi to late endosome MT1‐MMP transport in macrophages

Atg27p co-fractionates with clathrin-coated vesicles in budding yeast

Involvement of the Choroid Plexus in the Pathogenesis of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C

A novel role of HSP90 in regulating osteoclastogenesis by abrogating Rab11b-driven transport.

Assessment of intestinal macromolecular absorption in young piglets to pave the way to oral vaccination: preliminary results

Itraconazole inhibits nuclear delivery of extracellular vesicle cargo by disrupting the entry of late endosomes into the nucleoplasmic reticulum

Crystal structure of the PDZ4 domain of MAGI2 in complex with PBM of ARMS reveals a canonical PDZ recognition mode

ML-SA1 and SN-2 inhibit endocytosed viruses through regulating TRPML channel expression and activity.

Activation of mTORC1 at late endosomes misdirects T cell fate decision in older individuals

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Systemic delivery of mRNA and DNA to the lung using polymer-lipid nanoparticles.

The late endosome-resident lipid bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate is a cofactor for Lassa virus fusion

Gold Nanoparticles Affect Pericyte Biology and Capillary Tube Formation

Fluorescent palladium(II) and platinum(II) NHC/1,2,3-triazole complexes: antiproliferative activity and selectivity against cancer cells.

Assessment of Intestinal Permeability in Young Piglet to Pave the Way to Oral Vaccination

Mystery of methamphetamine-induced autophagosome accumulation in hippocampal neurons: loss of syntaxin 17 in defects of dynein-dynactin driving and autophagosome-late endosome/lysosome fusion.

Machinery, regulation and pathophysiological implications of autophagosome maturation

The role of Niemann-Pick type C2 in zebrafish embryonic development.

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