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High-Precision Tunable Single-Frequency Fiber Laser at 1.5 μm Based on Self-Injection Locking

Power threshold reduction and laser efficiency improvement of Brillouin fiber laser based on an As2S3 Chalcogenide fiber via a mode field adaptor

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A 1720-nm ring-cavity Tm-doped fiber laser with optimized output coupling

Quad-ring based erbium fiber laser for switchable and stable single-longitudinal-mode operation

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Superradiant lasing in inhomogeneously broadened ensembles with spatially varying coupling

Superradiant lasing in inhomogeneously broadened ensembles with spatially varying coupling

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Viterbi and Viterbi Algorithm based Phase Recovery for Probabilistically Shaped Signals

Filterless frequency 16-tupling millimeter-wave signal generation with cascaded Mach–Zehnder modulators

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High finesse tunable Fabry-Perot filters in Fourier-domain modelocked lasers

2-$\mu$m Narrow Linewidth All-Fiber DFB Fiber Bragg Grating Lasers for Ho- and Tm-Doped Fiber-Amplifier Applications

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Direct Detection of Pilot Carrier-Assisted DMT Signals With Pre-Phase Compensation and Imaginary Noise Suppression

Nonlinear Coherent Optical Systems in the Presence of Equalization Enhanced Phase Noise

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Reduction of Phase-Modulation to Intensity-Modulation Conversion Noise Effect Using Delayed Self-Homodyne Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System

A 640-Gbps, 15.2344-b/s/Hz full-duplex optical fiber/wireless single-channel coherent communication system using IQM-based DP-256-QAM and DSP techniques

Stabilizing a laser frequency by the Pound-Drever-Hall technique with an acousto-optic modulator.

Analysis of phase estimation for star QAM coherent optical packet switched system

Low-threshold and narrow-linewidth perovskite microlasers pumped by a localized waveguide source

Tutorial on laser linewidths

Watt-level 1.7-μm single-frequency thulium-doped fiber oscillator.

DPSK modulation and demodulation system based on a novel Mach-Zehnder interference structure

Theoretical Analysis of Phase Noise Induced by Laser Linewidth and Mismatch Length in Self-Homodyne Coherent Systems

871nm Ultra-Narrow-Linewidth Laser for Yb+ Clock

Geometric Shaping of 2-D Constellations in the Presence of Laser Phase Noise

316 W high-brightness narrow-linewidth linearly-polarized all-fiber single-frequency laser at 1950 nm

Proposal for a continuous wave laser with linewidth well below the standard quantum limit

Four-wave mixing in a ladder configuration of warm 87Rb atoms: a theoretical study.

High performance continuous-wave laser cavity enhanced polarimetry using RF-induced linewidth broadening.

Experimental Analysis of Fourier Transform based Blind Frequency Offset Estimation for PS-QAM in W-band Fiber-Millimeter Wave Integrated System

Sub-kHz-Linewidth Wavelength-Tunable Single-Frequency Ring-Cavity Fiber Laser for C- and L-Band Operation

Narrow-Linewidth 2 μm All-Fiber Laser Amplifier with a Highly Stable and Precisely Tunable Wavelength for Gas Molecule Absorption in Photonic Crystal Hollow-Core Fibers

LFMTS-assisted reflection interference elimination method for a coherent same-wavelength bidirectional optical communication system.

Investigation and Optimization of a Line-Locked Quartz Enhanced Spectrophone for Rapid Carbon Dioxide Measurement

Ultra-stable 1064-nm neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet lasers with 2.5 × 10-16 frequency instability.

Dual-frequency narrowband CW fiber laser implementing self-injection locking of DFB laser diode and Brillouin lasing in a single ring cavity

Applying self-injection and dual-ring based fiber laser for wide tunability and stable single-frequency output

Single-mode characteristic of a supermode microcavity Raman laser

Phase Retrieval of Complex OFDM Signal by Solving Temporal Transport-of-Intensity Equation

Hybrid dual-gain tunable integrated InP-Si3N4 external cavity laser.

Locking Multi-Laser Frequencies to a Precision Wavelength Meter: Application to Cold Atoms

Extreme Learning Machines to Combat Phase Noise in RoF-OFDM Schemes

All-fiber-based laser with 200 mHz linewidth

Homodyne coherent optical communication system based on reflex electro-optic modulator

Wavelength, repetition rate, and pulse width tunable high average power narrow linewidth 1.5 μm fiber amplifier

Nonlinear noise analysis in a long-haul fiber-optic sensing system

Application of Kramers–Kronig receiver in SSB-OFDM-RoF link

Brillouin-induced self-heterodyne method for low jitter measurement of laser linewidth

Electrically pumped photonic integrated soliton microcomb

Rayleigh scattering assisted ultra-narrow linewidth linear-cavity laser

KNN, k-Means and Fuzzy c-Means for 16-QAM Demodulation in Coherent Optical Systems

Phase aspect in stimulated and spontaneous emission and the laser linewidth

Self-Injection Locking of a Distributed Feedback Laser Diode Using a High-Finesse Fabry-Perot Microcavity

High-power sub-kHz linewidth lasers fully integrated on silicon

Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy for shocktubes: Design and optimization

A highly stable and tunable Extended Cavity Diode Laser

Performance Optimization of Fiber Optic Interferometric Accelerometer Based on Phase Noise Analysis

High-efficiency and high-power single-frequency fiber laser at 1.6 um based on cascaded energy-transfer pumping.

A Modulation Format Identification Method Based on Information Entropy Analysis of Received Optical Communication Signal

Investigating the displacement resolution of laser heterodyne detection system

Random Raman fiber laser based on a twin-core fiber with FBGs inscribed by femtosecond radiation.

Properties of self-mixing interference in terahertz distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers

Influence of EEPN and P2A noise with CD pre- and post-compensation in optical SSB transmission and Kramers-Kronig receiver system.

Non-Data-Aided Cycle Slip Self-Correcting Carrier Phase Estimation for QPSK Modulation Format of Coherent Wireless Optical Communication System

Phase noise cancellation in coherent communication systems using a radio frequency pilot tone

Frequency noise characterization of interband cascade lasers

Pilot-Aided Joint-Channel Carrier-Phase Estimation in Space-Division Multiplexed Multicore Fiber Transmission

Laser frequency noise measurement using an envelope-ratio method based on a delayed self-heterodyne interferometer

Use of C-band erbium gain-medium and compound-fiber-ring design for single-longitudinal-mode fiber laser with 84-nm achievable tunability

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Laser Linewidth 레이저 선폭

Laser Linewidth 레이저 선폭
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