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Characteristics, capability, and origin of shale gas desorption of the Longmaxi Formation in the southeastern Sichuan Basin, China

Influence of Structure-Directing Additives on the Properties of Poly(methylsilsesquioxane) Aerogel-Like Materials

Large Pores sentence examples within aerated concrete block

Experimental Study on Pore Characteristics and Fractal Dimension Calculation of Pore Structure of Aerated Concrete Block

Large Pores sentence examples within Relatively Large Pores

Dynamics of water evaporation from porous asphalt

Thermoelectric properties including thermal conductivity of electrodeposited bismuth selenide thin films fabricated using different acid solutions

Large Pores sentence examples within Containing Large Pores

Impact of extrusion parameters on the mechanical performance of tubular BSCF-supports for asymmetric oxygen transporting membranes

Quantitative simulation of mechanical properties of porous ceramic materials by discrete element method

Large Pores sentence examples within Form Large Pores

Towards chrome-free lining for plasma gasifiers using the CA6-SiC castable based on high-temperature water vapor corrosion

Ordered porous conjugated poly(p-phenylene)s films self-assembled through alcohol-controlled breath figure method

Large Pores sentence examples within Contain Large Pores

A Multifunctional, Charge-Neutral, Chiral Octahedral M12 L12 Cage.

Preparation and study of a new type of Fe–C microelectrolysis filler in oil-bearing ballast water treatment

Large Pores sentence examples within Induced Large Pores

Effects of Pluronic F127 on phase inversion and membrane formation of PAN hollow fibers for air filtration

Effects of the Molding Method and Blank Size of Green Body on the Sintering Densification of Magnesia

Large Pores sentence examples within Forming Large Pores

Exaptation of two ancient immune proteins into a new dimeric pore-forming toxin in snails

Hemolytic anemia, spherocytosis, and thrombocytopenia associated with honey bee envenomation in a dog.

Large Pores sentence examples within large pores increased

Laboratory Testing to Research the Micro-Structure and Dynamic Characteristics of Frozen–Thawed Marine Soft Soil

A NMR-based analysis of carbon dioxide hydrate dissociation process in silt

Large Pores sentence examples within large pores formed

Composition and structural features of two Permian parareptile (Deltavjatia vjatkensis, Kotelnich Site, Russia) bone fragments and their alteration during fossilisation

X-ray Microscopic Study on Disintegration of Granite Residual Soil

Large Pores sentence examples within large pores appear

Influence of MgO whisker addition on microstructures and mechanical properties of WC-MgO composite

Mechanism of Microstructural Variation Under Cyclic Shearing of Shantou Marine Clay: Experimental Investigation and Model Development

Fracture Propagation in Heterogeneous Porous Media: Pore-Scale Implications of Mineral Dissolution

Lithium ion diffusion mechanism in covalent organic framework based solid state electrolyte.

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Experimental Study on Multi-Layer Waterflooding in Low-Permeability Carbonate Reservoirs by NMR

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Characterizing preferential flow in landfilled municipal solid waste.

Instability of Vertical Constant Through Flows in Binary Mixtures in Porous Media with Large Pores

Correlation between the infiltration behaviors and nanoporous structures of silica gel/liquid energy absorption system

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A Protein-Functionalized Microfiber/Protein Nanofiber Bi-layered Air Filter with Synergistically Enhanced Filtration Performance by a Viable Method

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Morphological study on the pore growth profile of poly(ε-caprolactone) bi-modal porous foams using a modified supercritical CO2 foaming process

Hydrophobic *BEA-Type Zeolite Membranes on Tubular Silica Supports for Alcohol/Water Separation by Pervaporation

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Filtration in porous rock with initial deposit

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Construction of mass-transfer channel in air electrode with bifunctional catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air battery

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Influence of surface pores on selective laser melted parts under lubricated contacts: a case study of a hydraulic spool valve

Synthetic Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyester Nanocomposites Reinforced with Nanohydroxyapatite and/or Graphene Oxide for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

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Deformable Porous Medium Saturated by Three Immiscible Fluids

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Bio-ionic liquid pretreatment and ultrasound-promoted enzymatic hydrolysis of black soybean okara.

Dependences of Mechanical Properties of Ceramics with Bimodal Pore Size Distribution on the Porosity at Various Scale Levels

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

One-Phase and Two-Phase Flow in Highly Permeable Porous Media

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

From biomass-derived wastes (bagasse, wheat straw and shavings) to activated carbon with three-dimensional connected architecture and porous structure for Li-ion batteries

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Global asymptotics of filtration in porous media

Graphene network nested Cu foam for reducing size of lithium metal towards stable metallic lithium anode

Mini Inside-Out Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sensor Design for Soil Moisture Measurements

Pore-scale monitoring of CO2 and N2 flooding processes in a tight formation under reservoir conditions using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): A case study

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Numerical solution of filtration in porous rock

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Selective laser melting processed Ti6Al4V lattices with graded porosities for dental applications.

Hierarchical Micro- and Mesoporous Zn-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks Templated by Hydrogels: Their Use for Enzyme Immobilization and Catalysis of Knoevenagel Reaction.

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Pore connectivity and water accessibility in Upper Permian transitional shales, southern China

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Synthesis of zeolite NaX using elephant grass (pennisetum purpureum) as a silica source and its characterization

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Effect of CeO2 on density and wear resistance of Ni-Cr-WC coatings by theoretical calculation and experimental investigation

Hard meso/macroporous iron oxide/iron silicate macrospheres obtained by the multi‐templating technique

More Large Pores 큰 모공 sentence examples

Unveiling the pseudocapacitive charge storage mechanisms of nanostructured vanadium nitrides using in-situ analyses

Thermal Ageing Studies of Sintered Micron-Silver (Ag) Joint as a Lead-Free Bonding Material

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Development of boronic acid-functionalized mesoporous silica-coated core/shell magnetic microspheres with large pores for endotoxin removal.

Protective properties of mesocellular silica foams against aggregation and enzymatic hydrolysis of loaded proteins for oral protein delivery.

Strength and Pore Structure Development of High-Plasticity Clay Treated with MK-Blended Cement

Pore structure and carbonation of hydrated lime mortar with mussel shell aggregate

Regular Biporous Model of Active Layer of the Lithium–Oxygen Battery Positive Electrode

Tomography based simulation of reactive flow at the micro-scale: Particulate filters with wall integrated catalyst

Template-assisted, Sol-gel Fabrication of Biocompatible, Hierarchically Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds

Electronic Peculiarities of a Self-Assembled M12L24 Nanoball (M = Pd+2, Cr, or Mo)

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Bacterial cellulose nanofibers promote stress and fidelity of 3D-printed silk based hydrogel scaffold with hierarchical pores.

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