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Transcription Is All You Need: Learning To Separate Musical Mixtures With Score As Supervision

Engineered Bacteriophage Therapeutics: Rationale, Challenges and Future

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Follow the leader: Documents on the leading edge of semantic change get more citations

Hidden layers of density dependence in consumer feeding rates.

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Towards Flexible Retrieval, Integration and Analysis of JSON Data Sets through Fuzzy Sets: A Case Study

A Hierarchical Optimization Architecture for Large-Scale Power Networks

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A fractional memory-efficient approach for online continuous-time influence maximization

Compressed filesystem for managing large genome collections

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Information Retrieval in the Hidden Web

An Emotional Recommender System for Music

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An integrated approach in gene-expression landscape profiling to identify housekeeping and tissue-specific genes in cattle

A bibliometric analysis of evidence-based medicine publications of Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute of Iran in Scopus Database

Scalable Spatio-temporal Indexing and Querying over a Document-oriented NoSQL Store

Uncertain distance-based outlier detection with arbitrarily shaped data objects

The ‘Tommy Atkins’ mango genome reveals candidate genes for fruit quality

Compressive learning with privacy guarantees

Multilayer networks for text analysis with multiple data types

Great Paintings in Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

Chasing Shadows, Catching Smoke, and Estimating Anaphylaxis to Sugammadex.

Sem2Vec: Semantic Word Vectors with Bidirectional Constraint Propagations

Institutional Differences in the Stewardship and Research Output of United States Herbaria

Heuristic stopping rules for technology-assisted review

Puffaligner : A Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Aligner Based on the Pufferfish Index.

Hypothesis Testing Ordinary Meaning

QualFace: Adapting Deep Learning Face Recognition for ID and Travel Documents with Quality Assessment

Ensemble feature extraction for multi-container quality-diversity algorithms

FiberStars: Visual Comparison of Diffusion Tractography Data between Multiple Subjects

Computing the multi-string BWT and LCP array in external memory

Unsupervised Abstractive Summarization of Bengali Text Documents

Византинци и писана реч

MONI: A Pangenomics Index for Finding MEMs

Federated Learning from Big Data Over Networks

A Topic Coverage Approach to Evaluation of Topic Models

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Improved plagiarism detection with collaboration network visualization based on source-code similarity

Global and local reduced models for interacting, heterogeneous agents.

ELSKE: efficient large-scale keyphrase extraction

Designing a Concept-Mining Model for the Extraction of Medical Information in Spanish

Accurate free-water estimation in white matter from fast diffusion MRI acquisitions using the spherical means technique.

Every apprentice needs a master: Feedback-based effectiveness improvements for process model matching

Distinguishing among Pisum accessions using a hypervariable intron within Mendel’s green/yellow cotyledon gene

A Hybrid Model for Family History Information Identification and Relation Extraction: Development and Evaluation of an End-to-End Information Extraction System

An Instance Space Analysis of Regression Problems

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Large Collections 대규모 컬렉션

Large Collections 대규모 컬렉션
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