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Large-area synthesis of nanoscopic catalyst-decorated conductive MOF film using microfluidic-based solution shearing

A Novel Carbon-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Large-Area Uniform Monolayer MoS2 and WS2

A review on conductive polymers and their hybrids for flexible and wearable thermoelectric applications

Dominant formation of h-BC2N in h-BxCyNz films: CVD synthesis and characterization

Graphene Transfer: Paving the Road for Applications of Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene.

The role of substrate on the growth of 2D heterostructures by CVD

Single Step, Direct Pyrolysis Assisted Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon Nanosheets Derived from Bamboo wood for High Energy Density Asymmetric Supercapacitor

Applications of 2D-Layered Palladium Diselenide and Its van der Waals Heterostructures in Electronics and Optoelectronics

Surfactant-assisted synthesis of ultrathin two-dimensional Co3O4 nanosheets for applications in lithium-ion batteries and ultraviolet photodetector

Conductive AFM of 2D Materials and Heterostructures for Nanoelectronics

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Large Area Synthesis 대면적 합성

Large Area Synthesis 대면적 합성
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