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Fast exposure fusion of detail enhancement for brightest and darkest regions

A Novel Radiometric Control Set Sample Selection Strategy for Relative Radiometric Normalization of Multitemporal Satellite Images

Investigations on the Geometric Quality of AVHRR Level 1B Imagery Aboard MetOp-A

Use of common average reference and large-Laplacian spatial-filters enhances EEG signal-to-noise ratios in intrinsic sensorimotor activity

Reverse-Time Migration by Combining Laplacian Filtering With Wavefield Decomposition for High-Resolution Subsurface Imaging

Analysis of water quality at hydrographic basin scale using satellite images, co-occurrence matrices and Bayes classifier

Detection and localization of manhole and joint covers in radar images by support vector machine and Hough transform

Application of the tilt derivative transform to bathymetric data for structural lineament mapping

Dark infrared night vision imaging proposed work for pedestrian detection and tracking

A Hybrid Remote Sensing Image Improvement Algorithm in View of NSST

Combining Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposing with Laplacian Filtering to Improve Cortical Decoding Performance

Development of a CNN edge detection model of noised X-ray images for enhanced performance of non-destructive testing

LDNNET: Towards Robust Classification of Lung Nodule and Cancer Using Lung Dense Neural Network

An FPGA Implementation of a RISC-V Based SoC System for Image Processing Applications

Vessel Image Enhancement Method Using Nonlinear Transformation Based on Guided Filtering

A Novel Variable Weight Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm in Medical Image Fusion

Mean entropy predicts implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy using cardiac magnetic resonance texture analysis of scar heterogeneity.

Multi-focus Color Image Fusion using Laplacian Filter and Discrete Fourier Transformation with Qualitative Error Image Metrics

Comparative Performance Analysis of Vulkan Implementations of Computational Applications

A Short Note on Meshfree PDE-constrained Optimization using Moving Least Squares

Computer-Aided Detection Systems for Digital Mammography

Hemorrhage Segmentation and Detection in Retinal Images using Object Detection Techniques and Machine Learning Perspectives

Pan-Sharpening Framework Based on Laplacian Sharpening with Brovey

Quantum image edge extraction based on Laplacian operator and zero-cross method

Internal flow patterns of a droplet pinned to the hydrophobic surfaces of a confined microchannel using micro-PIV and VOF simulations

A novel fusion framework of infrared and visible images based on RLNSST and guided filter

Investigation of bubble formation and its detachment in shear-thinning liquids at low capillary and Bond numbers

Laplacian wavenumber filtering for improving damage visualization in fast non-contact inspections

Laplacian filtering effect on digital image tuning via the decomposed eigen-filter

A Study on an Automatic Multi-Focus System for Cell Observation

Curvelet Based Watermarking Of Multispectral Images And Its Effect On Classification Accuracy

Facial Recognition with Mobile Application and Artificial Neural Network

Quality Tunable Approximate Adder for Low Energy Image Processing Applications

Detection and classification of normal and abnormal patterns in mammograms using deep neural network

Image Denoising Using Novel Social Grouping Optimization Algorithm with Transform Domain Technique


Textural Analysis Based Classification of Digital X-ray Images for Dental Caries Diagnosis

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Laplacian Filter 라플라시안 필터

Laplacian Filter 라플라시안 필터
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