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Landscape Protection sentence examples within integrated landscape management

Principles, Theoretical and Methodological Background of Landscape-ecological Planning

Landscape-ecological Planning LANDEP

Landscape Protection sentence examples within Cultural Landscape Protection

Research on the traditional zoning, evolution, and integrated conservation of village cultural landscapes based on “production-living-ecology spaces” – A case study of villages in Meicheng, Guangdong, China

“Scenes” updating the cultural landscape of villages along the Grand Canal under the all media communication*

Landscape Protection sentence examples within Natural Landscape Protection

Relationship between tourism number and air quality by carbon footprint measurement: a case study of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area


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Landscape Protection sentence examples within landscape protection area

The Role of Small Farm Activities for the Sustainable Management of Agricultural Landscapes: Case Studies from Europe

Preliminary results on bird collision with overhead power lines in Hungary: a case study around Pusztaszer Landscape Protection Area

The Role of Individual Trees in the Protection of Urban Image

Assessment and Management of Suburbanization Pressure on Landscape in the Munich Region

The Sustainability of Landforms and Landscapes

Principles for Creating Ecological Networks

The role of social innovation in negotiations about recreational infrastructure in forests – A mountain-bike case study in Switzerland

The Delimitation of Landscape Units for the Planning of Protection – The Example of the Forests by Upper Liswarta Landscape Park

Ecological Networks and Territorial Systems of Ecological Stability

Inclusive Design Practices for Natural Parks. Products and Services for Experience-Focused Solutions in Places of High Naturalistic Value

The structure of forest stands in the Tatra National Park: The results of 2016–2017 inventory

Landscape Perception in Peri-Urban Areas: an Expert-Based Methodological Approach

How Does the Presence of Livestock Influence Landscape Preferences? An Image-Based Approach.

On the Edge of Protection: Archaeology and Territory, Culture and Landscape

Managing the landscape as a common good? Evidence from the case of “Mutonia” (Italy)

GIS Technology, 3D Models and Mathematical Models as a Tool for Assessing Development Capabilities of Flood Risk Land to Make Arrangements of Municipal Planning Documents

Psychological Knowledge Relevant to Leadership in Wildlife Conservation

Desertification Risk and Rural Development in Southern Europe: Permanent Assessment and Implications for Sustainable Land Management and Mitigation Policies

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Landscape Protection 조경 보호

Landscape Protection 조경 보호
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