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Novel insights into enhanced dewaterability and consolidation characteristics of landfill sludge and fresh sludge conditioned by Fe2+ activated sodium persulfate.

Experimental Study on the Influencing Factors of Treatment of Landfill Sludge Using Vacuum Preloading with the Fenton Reagent

Effects of freeze-thaw and chemical preconditioning on the consolidation properties and microstructure of landfill sludge.

Study on the Effect of Chemical Conditioning on the Consolidation Characteristics of Municipal Sludge in Landfill Depot

Insights into conditioning of landfill sludge by FeCl3 and lime.

A full-scale survey of sludge landfill: sludge properties, leachate characteristics and microbial community structure.

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Landfill Sludge 매립 슬러지

Landfill Sludge 매립 슬러지
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