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Gardens, Parks and Green Reserves

Urban–Rural Construction Land Replacement for More Sustainable Land Use and Regional Development in China: Policies and Practices

Analyzing requisition–compensation balance of farmland policy in China through telecoupling: A case study in the middle reaches of Yangtze River Urban Agglomerations

Evaluation of water and land exploitation based on the ecosystem service value in a hyper‐arid region with intensifying basin management

Focusing on rapid urbanization areas can control the rapid loss of migratory water bird habitats in China

La consulta previa para el uso de la tierra destinada a la industria extractiva

Tree growth patterns associated with extreme longevity: Implications for the ecology and conservation of primeval trees in Mediterranean mountains

Development of botanical composition of grassland affected by the different exploitation intensity

Eco-Economic Incentives of Rational Land Use and Protection in Ukraine

A Preliminary Study on Micro-Scale Planning Support System

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Land Exploitation 토지 착취

Land Exploitation 토지 착취
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