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Conversion of levulinic acid over Ag substituted LaCoO3 perovskite

The distinct effects of substitution and deposition of Ag in perovskite LaCoO3 on the thermally catalytic oxidation of toluene

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Cerium substitution in LaCoO3 perovskite oxide as bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions.

Catalytic feasibility of Ce-doped LaCoO3 systems for chlorobenzene oxidation: An analysis of the synthesis method

The influence of B-site cation in LaBO3 (B = Fe, Co, Ni) perovskites on the nanomolar sensing of neurotransmitters

Effects of the preparation method on the simultaneous catalytic oxidation performances of LaCoO3 perovskites for NO and Hg0

The effect of different metal oxides on the catalytic activity of a Co3O4 catalyst for toluene combustion: importance of the structure–property relationship and surface active species

Crystalline LaCoO3 perovskite as a novel catalyst for glycerol transesterification

Selective trimethylsilylation of alcohols and phenols with hexamethyldisilazane catalyzed by LaCoO3 perovskite

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Lacoo3 Perovskite 라쿠3 페로브스카이트

Lacoo3 Perovskite 라쿠3 페로브스카이트
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