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The impact of hydrophilic emulsifiers on the physico-chemical properties, microstructure, water distribution and in vitro digestibility of proteins in fried snacks based on fish meat.

Clustering of oil droplets in o/w emulsions enhances perception of oil-related sensory attributes

Caffeic acid ester derivatives and flavonoids of genus Arnaldoa (Asteraceae, Barnadesioideae)

Characterization of tolerance and multi-enzyme activities in non-Saccharomyces yeasts isolated from Vidal blanc icewine fermentation.

Postharvest responses of hydroponically grown lettuce varieties to nitrogen application rate

Isolation of a tyrosinase inhibitor from unripe grapes juice: A spectrophotometric study.

Genotype-Specific Modulatory Effects of Select Spectral Bandwidths on the Nutritive and Phytochemical Composition of Microgreens

Salinity from NaCl changes the nutrient and polyphenolic composition of basil leaves

Monoglyceride and monoglyceride derivatives from glycerol generated in catfish based biodiesel production process

Quality of Miracle Berry Wine as Influenced by pH and Inoculum Levels

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L Tartaric Acid L 타르타르산

L Tartaric Acid L 타르타르산
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