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Child age dependent predictors of South Korean mothers’ psychological distress

Exploring Parenting Decisions Among South Korean Mothers with Preschool-Age Children

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Effect of a Social Support Program for Mothers of Children with Precocious Puberty: A Preliminary Quasi-Experimental Study.

Effect of parenting stress in Korean mothers of children with disabilities on life satisfaction: Moderating effect of intrinsic religious orientation

Korean mothers’ morality in the wake of COVID-19 contact-tracing surveillance

Are Neighbors and Neighborhoods Still Important? Examining the Impact of Neighbors and Neighborhood Environments on Mothers’ Parenting Stress

Korean Bibimbap mothers’ family language policies (FLPs) for their children’s bilingualism in Australia

Intergenerational Transmission of Effortful Control in Families With School-Age Children in Korea

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Korean Mothers 한국 엄마들

Korean Mothers 한국 엄마들
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