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Understanding long-listed pharmaceutical products without competition in South Korea: policy implications in managing generic entrants and pharmaceutical expenditures.

ASEAN Political-Security Community: Challenges of establishing regional security in the Southeast Asia

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A Study on Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy for Optimal Portfolio Selection

Model for identifying firm’s product innovation dynamics: applied to the case of the Korean mobile phone industry

A simultaneous determination and monitoring of vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) in vegetable drinks and natto sold on the Korean market

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Fermented foods and probiotic beverages in Korea

Analyzing Markets with a Large Public Company: The Case of South Korea

Korea’s cybersecurity regulations and enforcement related to security incidents

The Manufacturer’s Deliberate Modification of the Shell Structure of the BellaGel® SmoothFine in Violation of the Regulatory Requirement

Building an Operational Solution Assistant System for Foreign SMEs in ROK

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Supporting Cross-Border E-commerce of Micro Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: Export Marketing Strategy

Comparative Meat Qualities of Boston Butt Muscles (M. subscapularis) from Different Pig Breeds Available in Korean Market

Does information quality matter in corporate innovation? Evidence from the Korean market

Enhanced factor investing in the Korean stock market

Attributes of medical tourism destination brands: case study of the Korean medical tourism market

Who Values Corporate Social Responsibility in the Korean Stock Market

Potential Health Risks of Chemicals in Car Colorant Products

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Comparative analysis of first person shooter games on game modes and weapons – military-themed, overwatch, and player unknowns’ battleground

The 2018 US-Korea FTA Revision: From the US Perspective

Toxicological evaluation of lotus, ginkgo, and garlic tailored fermented Korean soybean paste (Doenjang) for biogenic amines, aflatoxins, and microbial hazards.

Editorial: recent trends in advertising and required research in emerging markets—an Asian perspective

Is Earnings Quality Associated with Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from the Korean Market

Market Power of Genetically Modified Soybeans Traded Between the United States and Korea

Gold and Bitcoin Hedging against 10 Exchange Returns

Crisis Management in South Korea and the Hegemonic Strategy of the Chaebols

An Economic Analysis of Load Leveling with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in an Electricity Market Environment: The Korean Case

Occurrence of emerging mycotoxins in cereals and cereal-based products from the Korean market using LC-MS/MS

Effects of slaughter age and storage period on quality parameters of loin veal from Korean Holstein bulls

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Flavour capsule heat-sticks for heated tobacco products

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Heated tobacco product use among Korean adolescents

Effect of IPO Underpricing on Seasoned Offerings

Assessment of Competitiveness Improvement on Multinational Enterprises based in Korea

Prediction of marbling score and carcass traits in Korean Hanwoo beef cattle using machine learning methods and synthetic minority oversampling technique.

Do Overnight Returns Truly Measure Firm-Specific Investor Sentiment in the KOSPI Market?

An optimal electric vehicle investment model for consumers using total cost of ownership: A real option approach

A Comparison of New Factor Models in the Korean Stock Market

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Korean Market 한국 시장

Korean Market 한국 시장
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