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Does Sustainability Reporting Enhance Firms Profitability? A Study on Select Companies from India and South Korea

Innovation and Exports of Korean Firms: How Do They Differ by Size and Industry?

Sleep Assessment During Shift Work in Korean Firefighters: A Cross-Sectional Study

Declining Fixed Investment and Increasing Financial Investment of Korean Corporations

CSR activities and internal capital markets: Evidence from Korean business groups

Do Managers Pay CSR for Private Motivation? A Dividend Tax Cut Case in Korea

Creative Innovative Firms from Japan: A Benchmark Inquiry into Firms from Three Rival Nations

An Economic Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in Korea

Testing Trade-Off Theory After U.S. Housing Bubble in 2008

Multinational companies and the corporate social responsibility at home: the stakeholder approach

The Relationship of Country Image, ProductCountry Image, and Purchase Intention of Korean Products: Focusing on Differences among Ethnic Groups in South Africa

Human Resource Management and Intra-Industry Trade

Board characteristics and corporate social responsibility: Does family involvement in management matter?

Study on the Relationship between CSR and Financial Performance

Effects of collectivism and individualism on performance: Dynamic collectivism in Korean firms

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Declining Fixed Investment and Increasing Financial Investment of Korean Corporations

Age Diversity and Organizational Innovation: The Effects of Innovation Types and the Moderating Role of Organizational Culture

When and Why Do Takeovers Lead to Fraud

Related party transactions and income smoothing: new evidence from Korea

Foreign direct investment flows and urban dynamics in a developing country: a case study of Korean activities in Suzhou, China

Capital Structure and Stock Returns: Evidence from Korean Stock Markets

Determinants of brand localization in international markets

The Effect of U.S. Protectionist Trade Policy on Foreign Ownership: A Study of Korea’s Data Set

The moderating effect of international trade on outside director system in Korean firms

Organisational justice, emotional exhaustion, and turnover intention among Korean IT professionals: moderating roles of job characteristics and social support

The impact of exchange volatility exposure on firms’ foreign-denominated debts: Evidence from Korea

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Influence of the scion age, insulating material and timing of grafting on grafts survival of Abies Mill. representatives

Bribery and Allocation Efficiency: Evidence From Public Procurement Auctions in Korea

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Korean Fir 한국 전나무

Korean Fir 한국 전나무
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