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What Are South Korean Consumers’ Concerns When Buying Eco-Friendly Agricultural Products?

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention on Mobile Shopping Web Site in China and South Korea: An Empirical Study

Consumer Preferences Toward Product Attributes of Dietary Supplements Under Mandatory Food Traceability Systems in Korea

Content Order in Advertising and Thinking Styles: A Cross-Cultural Study of the United States and South Korea

Consumer acceptance of sports wearable technology: the role of technology readiness

Multigroup analysis and measurement equivalence: Korean and Chinese consumers of Korean cosmetics

Consumers Adoption of Virtual Fitting Rooms: Antecedents and Moderating Factors

Comparative study of feminine hygiene product regulations in Korea, the European Union, and the United States.

Is this for our sake or their sake? Cross-cultural effects of message focus in cause-related marketing

Effects of Gay-Themed Advertising among Young Heterosexual Adults from U.S. and South Korea

Emotions elicited while drinking coffee: A cross-cultural comparison between Korean and Chinese consumers

The influence of pre-roll advertising VOD via IPTV and mobile TV on consumers in Korea

Motivations for sharing marketer-generated content on social media: a comparison between American and Korean college students

Understanding the drivers of liking for fresh pears: a cross-cultural investigation of Chinese and Korean panels and consumers.

Understanding the Sustainable Usage Intention of Mobile Payment Technology in Korea: Cross-Countries Comparison of Chinese and Korean Users

Biases in paired preference tests: Cross‐cultural comparison of Japanese and American consumers

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Korean Consumers 한국 소비자

Korean Consumers 한국 소비자
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