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Static Weight Perception Through Skin Stretch and Kinesthetic Information: Detection Thresholds, JNDs, and PSEs

The contributions of skin stretch and kinesthetic information to static weight perception

Training 90° bimanual coordination at high frequency yields dependence on kinesthetic information and poor performance of dyadic unimanual coordination.

A Network-Adaptive Prediction Algorithm for Haptic Data Under Network Impairments

A Soft Pneumatic Actuator as a Haptic Wearable Device for Upper Limb Amputees: Toward a Soft Robotic Liner

Reaching for the high note: judgments of auditory pitch are affected by kinesthetic position

Co-Simulation Environment for the Analysis of the Driving Simulator’s Actuation

Advantage of Early Focus on Visual Information in Bi-Modal Training of Bimanual Coordination.

Ultrareliable and Low-Latency Communication Techniques for Tactile Internet Services

Ontology Based Framework for Tactile Internet Applications

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Kinesthetic Information 운동감각 정보

Kinesthetic Information 운동감각 정보
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