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Revealing acquired resistance mechanisms of kinase-targeted drugs using an on-the-fly, function-site interaction fingerprint approach

Abstract 5103: The dark cancer kinome - untapped opportunities for the development of novel drugs

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Design and Analysis of the 4‐Anilinoquin(az)oline Kinase Inhibition Profiles of GAK/SLK/STK10 Using Quantitative Structure‐Activity Relationships

Design and analysis of the 4-anilino-quin(az)oline kinase inhibition profiles of GAK/SLK/STK10 using quantitative structure activity relationships

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Interrogating Regulatory Mechanisms in Signaling Proteins by Allosteric Inhibitors and Activators: A Dynamic View Through the Lens of Residue Interaction Networks.

Comprehensive kinome NGS targeted expression profiling by KING-REX

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Kinase drug discovery 20 years after imatinib: progress and future directions

An innovative kinome platform to accelerate small-molecule inhibitor discovery and optimization from hits to leads.

Integrated computational and Drosophila cancer model platform captures previously unappreciated chemicals perturbing a kinase network

Defining a new nomenclature for the structures of active and inactive kinases

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Kinase Drug 키나제 약물

Kinase Drug 키나제 약물
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