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Key Structures sentence examples within temporal lobe epilepsy

Computational support, not primacy, distinguishes compensatory memory reorganization in epilepsy

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Exploring the predictive value of lesion topology on motor function outcomes in a porcine ischemic stroke model

Model-Based Design of an Electric Bus Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

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Flow Hydrodediazoniation of Aromatic Heterocycles

Developing a model for structural and mineralogical controls on higher-grade W mineralisation at the hemerdon W-Sn deposit

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Effects of gas pressure on dynamic response of two-phase flow for coal–gas outburst

Promoting intentional unlearning through an unlearning cycle

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A New Orbito-Zygomatic Complex Reconstruction Technique Using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing-Assisted Harvest of Autologous Calvarial Bone in Cases of Orbito-Zygomatic Benign Tumor.

The trouble with tunas: international fisheries science and policy in an uncertain future

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White matter correlates of scam susceptibility in community-dwelling older adults

Vibration and Thermal Fatigue Reliability of CCGA Components

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Effective Locations for Injecting Botulinum Toxin into the Mentalis Muscle; Cadaveric and Ultrasonographic Study

Degeneration of core neural tracts for emotional regulation in a patient with traumatic brain injury

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Stabilisation of biofuels with hydrophilic, natural antioxidants solubilised by glycerol derivatives

Multi-body statistical shape representation of anatomy for navigation in robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy

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Alterations of the structural covariance network in the hypothalamus of patients with cluster headache

Assessing the Robustness and Performance of Artificial Intelligence Powered Planning Tools in Clinical Settings.

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Update on Novel Non-Operative Treatment for Osteoarthritis: Current Status and Future Trends

Evolutionary dynamics and structural consequences of de novo beneficial mutations and mutant lineages arising in a constant environment

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Genomic and physiological analyses of the zebrafish atrioventricular canal reveal molecular building blocks of the secondary pacemaker region.

Two Players in the Field: Hierarchical Model of Interaction between the Dopamine and Acetylcholine Signaling Systems in the Striatum

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Cycloaddition reactions in ionic liquids for the synthesis of biologically relevant heterocycles

Emerging Targets for Migraine Treatment.

A Projector-Based Augmented Reality Navigation System for Computer-Assisted Surgery

Research on Dynamic Stability Optimization of Rock Spreader considering Prevention of Geological Subsidence and Local Collapse in Reclamation Area

Posture-Transformed Monkey Phantoms Developed from a Visible Monkey

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[The value of quantitative measurement of key structures of inner ear by HRCT in hearing evaluation of patients with congenital severe sensorineural deafness].

Excited-State Absorption of Uracil in the Gas Phase: Mapping the Main Decay Paths by Different Electronic Structure Methods.

Seismic imaging of Caosiyao giant porphyry molybdenum deposit using ambient noise tomography

Robotic total pelvic exenteration with en bloc pelvic side wall clearance and internal iliac artery resection - a video vignette.

Geographical Information System Applied to a Biological System: Pelvic Girdle Ontogeny as a Morphoscape

Highly Ordered Mesoporous Cobalt Oxide as Heterogeneous Catalyst for Aerobic Oxidative Aromatization of N‐Heterocycles

Rules for designing protein fold switches and their implications for the folding code

Quantitative analysis of in-vivo microbubble distribution in the human brain

Design and performance analysis of SOA-MZI-based Tbps all-optical gray converters with M-ary DPSK coded binary, gray, and octal inputs

The brain clock portal system: SCN-OVLT

Editorial: Telomere Flexibility and Versatility: A Role of Telomeres in Adaptive Potential

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Recommendation for the contouring of limbic system in patients receiving radiation treatment: A pictorial review for the everyday practice and education.

Detailing Sexual Outcomes After Focal Therapy for Localised Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

MP46-19 detailing sexual outcomes after focal therapy for localised prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Applications of chiral spirocyclic phosphoric acid in the synthesis of natural products

Data security sharing method based on CP-ABE and blockchain

Fetal biometric based abnormality detection during prenatal development using deep learning techniques

Electrochemical machining of array flow channels using cathode tool with comb-shaped insulator

Multimodality Imaging of the Mitral Valve: Morphology, Function, and Disease.

242 Maintaining Surgical Training During the Covid-19 Pandemic; A Novel Use of Surgical Simulators

Platelet Lysate Nebulization Protocol for the Treatment of COVID-19 and Its Sequels: Proof of Concept and Scientific Rationale

Learning to Lead: an Approach to Mathematics Teacher Leader Development

Redistribution of Phosphate into the soil via hydrological processes explained by functional traits in scattered trees of different species in the tropical Andes.

The Long Road Out of Eden: Early Dynastic Temples, a Quantitative Approach to the Bent-Axis Shrines

Basic principles in starch multi-scale structuration to mitigate digestibility: A review

A Fundamental Distinction in Early Neural Processing of Implicit Social Interpretation in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

What was on the menu? Mesolithic cooking and consumption practices in inland central Europe based on analysis of fireplaces

Melittin sensitizes skin squamous carcinoma cells to 5‐fluorouracil by affecting cell proliferation and survival

3D-Printed Models for Temporal Bone Surgical Training: A Systematic Review.

Computed tomography with a full FOV photon-counting detector in a clinical setting, the first experience.

Versatilidad del colgajo de Limberg en el cierre de defectos cutáneos

The New Sealing Structure Design and Research of Pressure Hull of CRDM With the Special Environmental Conditions

Simulation of inundation caused by typhoon-induced probable maximum storm surge based on numerical modeling and observational data

Probiotic Bacteria and Their Cell Walls Induce Th1-Type Immunity Against Salmonella Typhimurium Challenge

Crack identification for bridge condition monitoring using deep convolutional networks trained with a feedback-update strategy

New insights into how starch structure synergistically affects the starch digestibility, texture, and flavor quality of rice noodles.

Dynamic performance investigation on the hydraulic-suspended passive shutdown subassembly of SFR

Optical Assessment of Nociceptive TRP Channel Function at the Peripheral Nerve Terminal

Impaired voice processing in reward and salience circuits predicts social communication in children with autism

Retinal microvascular biomarker extraction on fundus images from the Maastricht study using supervised deep learning

Construction of thermostable cellobiohydrolase I from the fungus Talaromyces cellulolyticus by protein engineering.

Uncommon EGFR Mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Their Impact on the Treatment.

1901 Obliterated Rectovaginal Space Dissection

Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience

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A European Policy Agenda in and for the New Global Economy

Mortar OSL and brick TL dating: The case study of the UNESCO world heritage site of Modena

Substituted N-(thieno[2,3-b]pyridine-3-yl)acetamides: synthesis, reactions, and biological activity

3D Convolutional Neural Network for Segmentation of the Urethra in Volumetric Ultrasound of the Pelvic Floor

An Algal Metabolite-Based PPAR-γ Agonist Displayed Anti-Inflammatory Effect via Inhibition of the NF-κB Pathway

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New molecular therapies for the treatment of hearing loss.

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Building Areas Detection From Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Hierarchical Structure Description

Tailoring the photoelectrochemistry of catalytic metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) photoanodes by a dissolution method

Impact of FAAH gene, hyperactivation in emotion processing brain regions and Lavender oil preparation Silexan in anxiety

The National Palliative Care Registry: A Decade of Supporting Growth and Sustainability of Palliative Care Programs.

Structural study of Topoisomerase IV-DNA-Levofloxacin complexes from Streptococcus pneumoniae

Comparison of the Key Structures Between RV Reducer and Spinea Reducer Based on Finite Element Method

Approximation of a pipeline of unsupervised retina image analysis methods with a CNN

Synthesis and the First Structure–Activity Relationship Study of Imidazole Alkaloid from Red Ascidian as Aldose Reductase Inhibitors

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory -- an introduction

Aggressive tax planning and corporate tax avoidance:the case study

Design and Implementation of an IoT Based Forest Environment Monitoring System

Key structures for the synthesis of steroid antitumor agents. Synthesis of 16-dehydro-17-carbaldehydes of 13β- and 13α-estratriene series

A three‐step conceptual roadmap for avoiding bile duct injury in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: an invited perspective review

Lifetime of a structure evolving by cluster aggregation and particle loss, and application to postsynaptic scaffold domains

Study on the key structure parameters of a gravity settling chamber based on a flow field simulation

Resting-state connectivity of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the central nucleus of the amygdala in clinical anxiety

TsmartGP: A Tool for Finding Memory Defects with Pointer Analysis

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