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Option-Implied Spreads and Option Risk Premia

Option-Implied Spreads and Option Risk Premia

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Pricing Extreme Mortality Risk amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jumps and Cojumps analyses of major and minor cryptocurrencies.

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Option-Implied Spreads and Option Risk Premia

The financial impacts of jump processes in the crude oil price: Evidence from G20 countries in the pre- and post-COVID-19

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Jumps and Diffusive Variance: A Granular Analysis of Individual Stock Returns

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Classical solutions of the backward PIDE for Markov modulated marked point processes and applications to CAT bonds

News as sources of jumps in stock returns: Evidence from 21 million news articles for 9000 companies

Hawkes-driven stochastic volatility models: goodness-of-fit testing of alternative intensity specifications with S&P500 data

The Long Memory of the Jump Intensity of the Price Process

Integro-differential optimality equations for the risk-sensitive control of piecewise deterministic Markov processes

Self-exciting jumps in the oil market: Bayesian estimation and dynamic hedging

Efficient estimation and filtering for multivariate jump–diffusions

Risk aversion and the predictability of crude oil market volatility: A forecasting experiment with random forests

Teamwise Mean Field Competitions

The Effect of Global Oil Price Shocks on China’s Chemical Markets

News as Sources of Jumps in Stock Returns: Evidence From 21 Million News Articles for 9000 Companies

Price jumps in developed stock markets: the role of monetary policy committee meetings

Harnessing jump component for crude oil volatility forecasting in the presence of extreme shocks

An empirical study on asymmetric jump diffusion for option and annuity pricing

Real options under a double exponential jump-diffusion model with regime switching and partial information

High-order time stepping scheme for pricing American option under Bates model

Equivalent measure changes for subordinate diffusions

Measuring the training external jump load of elite male volleyball players: an exploratory study in Portuguese League (Medición de la carga externa de entrenamiento de los jugadores de voleibol masculino de élite: un estudio exploratorio en la Liga Portug

Robust consumption and portfolio policies when asset prices can jump

The risk-neutral stochastic volatility in interest rate models with jump-diffusion processes

Dissecting skewness under affine jump-diffusions

Unbiased Simulation Estimators for Jump-Diffusions

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Jump Intensity 점프 강도

Jump Intensity 점프 강도
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