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Cristianismo y sentido de la vida: una reflexión a partir del pensamiento de Joseph Ratzinger

Porter le dialogue avec le judaïsme. Note sur un article de Joseph Ratzinger

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Biblijne i systematyczne źródła teologii muzyki Josepha Ratzingera / Benedykta XVI

Pierre Coulange, Jean-François Lefebvre, Waltraud Linnig (éd.), La loi naturelle. Lieu de rencontre ou pierre d’achoppement ?. Présentation de Mgr P. d’Ornellas (Studium Notre-Dame de Vie), Paris, Parole et silence, 2017, 218 p.

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Humanismo cristão e efetivação dos Direitos Fundamentais numa perspectiva epistemológica: a pessoa humana no centro do Direito

La «Introducción al cristianismo» de Joseph Ratzinger como hermenéutica del Vaticano II

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Erysipelas over the centuries: notes from the history of popes

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Confessional Hospitality

The Rationality of Faith: Romano Guardini and Joseph Ratzinger

Beyond Secularization and Post-Secularity—Joseph Ratzinger’s and Józef Tischner’s Concept of a Breakthrough

Ratzinger on Evolution and Evil: A Christological and Mariological Answer to the Problem of Suffering and Death in Creation

Book Review: Inspiration: Towards a Christian Interpretation of Biblical Inspiration

Two ways, two steps

Book Review: Moses the Egyptian in the Illustrated Old English Hexateuch (London, British Library Cotton MS Claudius B.iv)

Andrew Bishop, Theosomnia: A Christian Theology of Sleep

Eternity in Time—Time in Eternity: Temporality and the Human Self in the Eschaton

Joseph Ratzinger’s ‘Kierkegaardian option’ in Introduction to Christianity

Wiarygodność Kościoła w dzisiejszej Polsce

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