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Temporal dynamics change of land use/land cover in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh over past 20 years using LANDSAT TM, ETM+ and OLI sensors

Spatial pattern of groundwater recharge in Jhansi district in the Bundelkhand region, central India

Groundwater recharge quantification using multiproxy approaches in the agrarian region of Bundelkhand, central India

Remote sensing-derived combined index for agricultural drought assessment of rabi pulse crops in Bundelkhand region, India

Assessing the Attitude of Farmers towards Improved Fodder Production Technologies in Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region

Impact Analysis of Front Line Demonstrations (FLDs) on kharif Maize in Bundelkhand Region

Analysis of the groundwater scenario with respect to the crop water productivity for the Betwa–Dhasan river basin, Bundelkhand using remote sensing techniques

Assessment of Rainfall Variability and its Impact on Groundnut Yield in Bundelkhand Region of India

Relevance and Utility of Different Training Needs of Input Dealers in Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region

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Jhansi District 잔시 지구

Jhansi District 잔시 지구
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