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Quantitative analysis of microstructure and mechanical properties of Nb–V microalloyed high-strength seismic reinforcement with different Nb additions

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BCL2 Interacting Protein 3-like/NIX-mediated Mitophagy Plays an Important Role in the Process of Age-related Hearing Loss

Liquid electrolyte immobilized in compact polymer matrix for stable sodium metal anodes

Polymer composites based on oligosulfones

Re-dissolution and re-precipitation behavior of nano-precipitated phase in Al−Cu−Mg alloy subjected to rapid cold stamping

The Extracellular Matrix Modulates the Metastatic Journey.

CD157: From immunoregulatory protein to potential therapeutic target.

Matrix stiffness induces a tumorigenic phenotype in mammary epithelium through changes in chromatin accessibility

Theoretical Study of the Structural Properties of the Lead Titanate Doped with Strontium

Entanglement of N-doped graphene in resorcinol-formaldehyde: Effect over nanoconfined LiBH4 for hydrogen storage

Quince seed mucilage-based scaffold as a smart biological substrate to mimic mechanobiological behavior of skin and promote fibroblasts proliferation and h-ASCs differentiation into keratinocytes.

Polymer composites based on halogen-containing oligoethers

Colloidal gold clusters formation and chemometrics for direct SERS determination of bioanalytes in complex media.

Mechanical and tribological properties of the tricalcium phosphate - magnesium oxide composites.

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Ix Promotes IX 프로모션

Ix Promotes IX 프로모션
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