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Macroscopic and microscopic imaging modalities for diagnosis and monitoring of urogenital schistosomiasis.

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Pattern of extranodal involvement and its impact on survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma from a tertiary cancer center in rural India

Refuting fake news on social media: nonprofits, crisis response strategies and issue involvement

Investigation of piwil2 expression as a biomarker in solid tumors of childhood

Navigating the diverse immune landscapes of psoriatic arthritis

The Development of Disease-Modifying Therapies for Osteoarthritis (DMOADs): The Evidence to Date

Successful Prevention of Secondary Burn Progression Using Infliximab Hydrogel: A Murine Model

Complex Foot Infection Treated With Surgical Debridement and Antibiotic Loaded Calcium Sulfate-A Retrospective Cohort Study of 137 Cases.

Chronic Kidney Disease as a Systemic Inflammatory Syndrome: Update on Mechanisms Involved and Potential Treatment


CT parameters in pure orbital wall fractures and their relevance in the choice of treatment and patient outcome: a systematic review.

Morel-Lavallée Lesion in a 35-year Female.

A 10-year review of malignant otitis externa: a new insight

Unusual presentation of mucormycosis mimicking a localised sino-orbital pathology

Rescue Tracheostomy for Patients with Unresectable Large Growing Neck Masses.

Neonatal Fournier’s Gangrene

Synergy effects of entertainment and information programs about organ donation on issue involvement and altruistic responses

Myeloid Neoplasm with PDGFRA Rearrangement Manifesting as a Retromolar Pad Mass

Efficacy of synthetic glucocorticoids in COVID-19 endothelites

Ewing’s Sarcoma

Pathological nerve patterns in human basal cell carcinoma

Limb Salvage Resection of Massive Dedifferentiated Thigh Liposarcoma in a Patient Lost to Follow-Up

The association between laboratory risk indicator for necrotizing fasciitis score with clinical signs and symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis: a retrospective study

Editorial for “Comparison of MR Ultrashort Echo Time and Optimized 3D‐Multiecho In‐Phase Sequence to Computed Tomography for Assessment of the Osseous Craniocervical Junction”

Versatility and accuracy of a novel image-free robotic-assisted system for total knee arthroplasty

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[Characteristics of primary cutaneous rare nasal extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma: a clinicopathological study of 15 cases].

Severe Sinus Bradycardia: An Unusual Cardiac Manifestation of COVID-19

Sellar Plasmacytoma: An Unusual Presentation of Anaplastic Multiple Myeloma

Remote delivery of thrombolytics prior to transfer to a regional burn center for tissue salvage in frostbite: A single center experience of 199 patients.

Rare case of Mycobacterium marinum in a patient presenting with tenosynovitis

Internal hemipelvectomy with ischiectomy, partial acetabulectomy, and femoral head and neck excision in a cat with a pelvic osteochondroma.

Characteristics, clinical presentation and treatment outcomes of venous malformation in the extremities.

MTA Cvek Pulpotomy Followed by Fragment Re-Attachment in Traumatized Young Permanent Maxillary Left Central Incisor – A Case Report

Retrospective Cohort of Patients Treated for Paraaortic and Paracaval Recurrence With Intraoperative Radiation Therapy.

Physiotherapy in Orthopedic Knee Injuries: Rehabilitation After Articular Cartilage Repair of the Knee

Dermatologic ultrasound in the management of childhood linear morphea.

Reverse Allograft-Prosthesis Composite with Pectoralis Major Transfer After Shoulder Osteosarcoma: A Case Report.

Development and Internal Validation of an RPA-Based Model Predictive of Pain Flare Incidence After Spine SBRT.

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Reconstruction of the mandible and maxilla

Morphological and clinical picture of the morphea in the oral cavity.

Histopathologic changes and cellular events of organs systems in COVID-19

Research progress in the pathogenic mechanisms and imaging of severe frostbite.

Reducing misperceptions through news stories with data visualization: The role of readers’ prior knowledge and prior beliefs

Value of metabolic parameters of primary lesions examined by 18F-FDG PET/CT for endometrial cancer in preoperative evaluation.

Exenteration and Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Primary Carcinosarcoma of the Anterior Orbit: A Case Report.

Effect of escitalopram on an acetic acid‐induced ulcerative colitis model

Aberrant intrathyroidal lymph node metastasis in classical papillary thyroid carcinoma

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Clinical and imaging features of tumors in the scapula.

Grading Soft Tissue Involvement in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Using Network and Survival Analyses: A Two‐Center Retrospective Study

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[Clinical and imaging characteristics of patients with different types of infectious sacroiliitis].

Pathophysiological justification of age- and gender-dependent morphological changes in the adipose tissue in rat models of metabolic syndrome

SAPHO Syndrome Mimicking Infectious Spondylodiscitis and Bone Metastasis

5 Oral selective tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) inhibition with BMS-986165 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (PAISLEY)

Corticosteroids in Moderate-To-Severe Graves’ Ophthalmopathy: Oral or Intravenous Therapy?

Venous Malformations Sclerotherapy: Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction and Predictors of Treatment Success

The CSR paradox: when a social responsibility campaign can tarnish a brand

A prospective study of the bedside index for severity in acute pancreatitis (BISAP) score in predicting severity and prognosis of acute pancreatitis

Sorting nexin 27 (SNX27) variants associated with seizures, developmental delay, behavioral disturbance, and subcortical brain abnormalities

Friction Injury Versus Deep Tissue Injury: Level of Tissue Involvement

Ultrasound-detected connective tissue involvement in acute muscle injuries in elite athletes and return to play: The French National Institute of Sports (INSEP) study.

Retrospective Audit of Various Surgical Modalities Adopted for Giant Cell Tumor in a Rural Tertiary Cancer Center

Comparison of surgical treatments of tumor-induced osteomalacia in different locations in the lower limbs


Feasibility and Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation in Lower Gingivobuccal Complex Cancers Involving Mandible

Metastatic chordoma

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Extremidad superior gravemente lesionada. Reporte de un caso clínico. [Mangled upper extremity. Case report]

Regeneration of Dermis: Scarring and Cells Involved

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A Public Health Communication Intervention Using Edutainment and Communication Technology to Promote Safer Sex among Heterosexual Men Patronizing Entertainment Establishments

An In-Depth View of the Porcine Trabecular Meshwork Proteome