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The clinical utility of a comprehensive psychosomatic assessment in the program for colorectal cancer prevention: a cross-sectional study

The Clinical Utility of A Comprehensive Psychosomatic Assessment in The Program for Colorectal Cancer Prevention: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Impact of Shirodhara on biological markers of stress: A case study

Lurasidone for Adolescents With Complex Mental Disorders: A Case Series.

Risperidone induced pancytopenia: a case report

Latent subtypes of manic or irritable episode symptoms in two population-based cohorts

The association of phasic irritability (aggressive outbursts) and tonic irritability (irritable mood) to depression occurrences, symptoms, and subtypes.

Topical steroid‐induced mood disorder responding to lithium

Irritable Mood and Subthreshold Hypomanic Episodes Correlate with More Severe Major Depression

Giant Pituitary Adenoma Presenting With Disinhibition: A Case Report of a 25-Year-Old Male

Identifying the Inter-Domain Relations Among ODD, CD, and CU Traits in Preschool Children Using Network Analysis.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood emotional abuse are markers of subthreshold bipolarity and worse treatment outcome in major depressive disorder.

A rare case: Mania associated with pazopanib

How Does Adding the DSM-5 Criterion Increased Energy/Activity for Mania Change the Bipolar Landscape?

Factors associated with Depression among Patients with Breast Cancer at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, Kenya

Differential outcomes of tonic and phasic irritability in adolescent girls.

Predictors of irritability symptoms in mildly depressed perimenopausal women

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Oppositional defiant disorder dimensions and prediction of later problems

SUN-287 Pituitary Gigantism Presenting as Anxiety

Mood, motor, and speech abnormalities in schizophrenia, mania, and other psychotic disorders: a comparative analysis

Adding Increased Energy or Activity to Criterion (A) of the DSM-5 Definition of Hypomania and Mania: Effect on the Diagnoses of 907 Patients From the Bipolar Collaborative Network.

Mental Pain and Euthymia as Transdiagnostic Clinimetric Indices in Primary Care

Heritability, stability, and prevalence of tonic and phasic irritability as indicators of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.

Fake views: Irritable mood or moody irritability or simply being irritable and moody?

Clinimetric Assessment in Psychosomatic Medicine

Valproate for acute mania.

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder: symptomatic and syndromic thresholds and diagnostic operationalization

Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Encephalitis in a Patient with Thyroid Eye Disease

Editorial: Antidepressants to the Rescue in Severe Mood Dysregulation (SMD) and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)?

Emotional Suppression and Oneiric Expression in Psychosomatic Disorders: Early Manifestations in Emerging Adulthood and Young Patients

Can leukocyte telomere shortening be a possible biomarker to track Huntington’s disease progression?

Impulsivity Derived From the Dark Side: Neurocircuits That Contribute to Negative Urgency

Multilevel Analysis of the Patterns of Physical-Mental Multimorbidity in General Population of São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil

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Irritable Mood 과민한 기분

Irritable Mood 과민한 기분
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