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Impregnation of [Emim]Br ionic liquid as plasticizer in biopolymer electrolytes for EDLC application

Structural, Electrical and Electrochemical Properties of Glycerolized Biopolymers Based on Chitosan (CS): Methylcellulose (MC) for Energy Storage Application

Ionic Mobility sentence examples within High Ionic Mobility

Profound Impact of Zn3(OH)2(V2O7)(H2O)2 and Zn3V2O8–Zn2V2O7 in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Understanding crystal structures, ion diffusion mechanisms and sodium storage behaviors of NASICON materials

Ionic Mobility sentence examples within Higher Ionic Mobility

Effect of environmental temperature and applied potential on water desalination performance using electrodialysis

An electronic proton-trapping ion pump for selective drug delivery

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Investigations on The Effect Of Sm3+ Doping on The Electrochemical Performance of The Li2FeSiO4/C Nanocomposite Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

Synthesis and Study of Zirconium Doped Lithium Titanate Ceramics

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Extreme Levitation of Colloidal Particles in Response to Oscillatory Electric Fields.

Selective breakdown of phonon quasiparticles across superionic transition in CuCrSe2

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Ethylene glycol-mediated one-pot synthesis of Fe incorporated α-Ni(OH)2 nanosheets with enhanced intrinsic electrocatalytic activity and long-term stability for alkaline water oxidation.

Magnetic ordering contribution on diffusion process forming hollow materials

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Control of Ionic Mobility via Charge Size Asymmetry in Random Ionomers.

Dielectric behavior and AC conductivity of low loaded polyaniline emeraldine base - Biopolymer nanocomposite

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A model for multicomponent diffusion in oxide melts

Insertion of binary LiCl-P2O5 glass between Li+ NASICON crystallites and its effect on controlling inter-grain transport

Ionic Mobility sentence examples within ionic mobility resulting

Gel-Polymer Electrolytes for Sodium Batteries - Raman and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Studies

NMR studies of Li mobility in NASICON-type glass-ceramic ionic conductors with optimized microstructure

Ion Transport in Solid Medium—Evaluation of Ionic Mobility for Design of Ion Transport Pathways in Separator and Gel Electrolyte

Aging Behavior of Lithium Titanate Battery under High-Rate Discharging Cycle

A Comparative Review of Metal Oxide Surface Coatings on Three Families of Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

Dielectric relaxations and ion transport study of NaCMC:NaNO3 solid polymer electrolyte films

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Subzero temperature dependence of electrical conductivity for permafrost geophysics

Novel conducting solid polymer electrolytes with zwitterion structure boosting ionic conductivity and retarding lithium dendrite formation

Hydride Conductivity in Nitride Hydrides

Physicochemical Study of Solvation Behavior of n-Butylammonium Perchlorate in Binary Mixtures of Acetonitrile and Dimethylsulfoxide at Various Temperatures

Identification of Brain Damage after Seizures Using an MR-Based Electrical Conductivity Imaging Method

Engineering electrode/electrolyte interfacial properties of nanotube arrays for high-capacitance supercapacitors

23Na NMR T1 relaxation measurements as a probe for diffusion and dynamics of sodium ions in salt-glycerol mixtures.

IgG1 Subclass Restriction and Biochemical Peculiarities of Monoclonal Immunoglobulins in Scleromyxedema.

Sodium-ion-conducting solid polymer electrolyte: temperature-dependent ionic parameters and solid-state polymer battery fabrication

Ni/YMnO3 perovskite catalyst for CO2 methanation

Boundary values of binding constants determined by affinity capillary electrophoresis.

Preparation and Ion Transport Properties of a New TiO2 Dispersed Sodium Ion Conducting Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolytes

NMR and complex impedance study of ionic motion in new Rb0.4Bi0.6–In F2.2 solid solutions with fluorite-type structure

Investigation of iron(III) ionic structural complexes for seebeck coefficient enhancement using variation of ligand lengths with extended Π-conjugated bipyridyl ligands

TEMPO-Oxidized Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers/Graphene Oxide Fibers for Osmotic Energy Conversion.

Thermal properties and ionic mobility in glasses and polycrystalline samples in the Li3PO4–BiF3–LiF system

Dual-Metal Electrolytes for Hybrid Ion Batteries: Synergism or Antagonism?

Planetary aerosol electrification: Lessons learned from a terrestrial analogy for Venus

Influence of different anions of lithium salts on GPE membrane

Electrochemical Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Corresponds to Cell Viability upon Exposure to Dioclea reflexa Seed Extracts and Antifungal Drugs

Effect of Cross-Sectional Shape of Pathway on Ion Migration in Polyethylene Separators for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Charge Carrier Mobility of Alkali Silicate Glasses Calculated by Molecular Dynamics

Study on the effect of lithium nitrate in ionic conduction properties based alginate biopolymer electrolytes

Electric field mediated von Kármán vortices in stratified microflows: transition from linear instabilities to coherent mixing

Isotope effects H/D in a PEFC with PtRu/anode at low and high current density

Advances in the LiCl salt flux method and the preparation of phase pure La2-xNdxLiHO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 2) oxyhydrides.

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Influence of polymer insertion on the dielectric, piezoelectric and acoustic properties of 1-0-3 polyurethane/cement-based piezo composite

Synthesis of MnNiO3/Mn3O4 nanocomposites for the water electrolysis process

Effect of Noncovalent Dispersion of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) in Columnar Polyether-Based Discotic Liquid Crystal on the Ionic Conductivity and Dynamics of Lithium Ions


Ab Initio Investigation of Li and Na Migration in Guest-Free, Type I Clathrates

Comparison of positive and negative DC discharge under coal pyrolysis gas media at high temperatures

Metal oxide coated cathode materials for Li ion batteries – A review

Structural and Electrical Properties of Bio-polymer Pectin with LiClO4 Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries

Studies on structural and ionic transport in biopolymer electrolytes based on alginate-LiBr

High-frequency shear viscosity and ionic mobility of solutions of polyethylene glycol in ionic liquids

2D Ti3C2Tx MXene Membranes as Nanofluidic Osmotic Power Generators.

A Computation Based Approach for Modeling the Efficacy of Neurostimulation Therapies on Neural Functioning

Correlation Between Ionic Mobility and Plastic Flow Events in NaPO3-NaCl-Na2SO4 Glasses

Decoupling mobility and charge carrier concentration in AgR-AgPO3 glasses (R = Cl, Br, I)

Tuning of ionic mobility to improve the resistive switching behavior of Zn-doped CeO2

Numerical Study of the Thermal Excitation Applied to a Dielectric Liquid Film

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Ionic Mobility 이온 이동성

Ionic Mobility 이온 이동성
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