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Estratégias Didático-Pedagógicas para Inovar no Ensino das Ciências:

Righteous Paths: Performing Morality in South African Morning Assemblies

Inalienable signs and invited guests: Australian Indigenous art and cultural tourism

Our Aussie Divas: Interrogating Australian Identity through Audience Reactions to Australia’ Eurovision Entrants


A Festival of Kinship, Defiance, and Ethnic Survival:

How to teach and learn transabdominal preperitoneal effectively – Experience with introducing transabdominal preperitoneal repair in ten general hospitals in Slovenia (2013–2018)

Thirty Years of Malware: A Short Outline

The politics of loitering in millennial Britain: Tiqqun’s ‘Rapport à la S.A.S.C…’

Relationship Between Strategies and Maxims Combination Pattern With Malay Politeness in Radio Talk Show

La seguridad en la politica exterior de Peña Nieto: el invitado incómodo

ABN news August 2019

Council of Deans Chair Report, July 2019

The Rhinoceros-Horn Beakers of Menelik II of Ethiopia: Materiality, Ritual, and Kingship

The greatest pediatric meeting ever in French Lick, Indiana?

Ethics of Translation for a Plural Europe

Demons in the Consulting Room: Echoes of Genocide, Slavery and Extreme Trauma in Psychoanalytic Practice ed. by Adrienne Harris, Margery Kalb, and Susan Klebanoff (review)

Notes from the Editor Emeritus, 1996–1998


Environmental Literacy for All: Innovating Environmental Education for Teacher Education Majors and Non-education Majors

Shifting practise: recognizing Indigenous rights holders in research ethics review

The integration of biometrics and AI

Student Contest Coorganized by IEEE SSCS Tunisia Chapter [Chapters]

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Shadows of War and Modernism

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Invited Guest 초대된 손님

Invited Guest 초대된 손님
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